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Hello people, some more pictures from the Lagos Hustle archives. Some of you saw Part 1 which was mainly about life around Lekki (Phase 1).  All pictures were taken on Lagos Island.  The moments captured are more of the everyday living of what people do, how people move around; their trade, their life. We still have more for you wonderful readers from the archives but enjoy LAGOS HUSTLE PT2 for now.  What do you have to say about these?  Which is your favourite? Do you recognize some of the areas in this pictures?  When you are on the bike or in your car or in a bus what do you see when you look out to the street sides?  All pictures were taken by Alistair Englebert Preston.

Nnamdi Patrick

Nnamdi Patrick

Nnamdi Patrick is probably zany, but he has got a keen eye for fancy gizmos, photography and sartorial sensibilities. As well as being a lawyer and consultant specialising in natural resources law and policy, he is also a fitness boffin and supports the greatest football team in the world.


  1. picture 2 is on the 3rd mainland bridge
    Picture 3 & 4 is definitely obalende
    picture 5 is around ikoyi cemetary…
    Nice work bruv,Lagos hustle indeed!

  2. i love the fact that none of the subjects are aware of the photographer’s presence… its beautiful n really captures the spirit of lagos, makin me miss home sef!

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