Ice Prince Is Better Than MI

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Just before I started writing this article, I considered the consequences of such an article especially my relationship with the Chocolate city family but then it will go down history book that someone was not afraid of the truth.

A whole bunch of MI’s die hard fans may not bother to read this article but will move straight to the comment box to dump insults on me – I expected that as well but I beg you to carefully read the entire article and see my point(s).

In Igbo Land, they say that every father’s prayer is for the child to be bigger than him and I can assure you that MI is not an exception to the rule/idea.

Let me introduce you to Ice Prince.

Ice Prince
Ice Prince Rocking It

Panshak Henry Zamani (Ice Prince) an only son was born in Jos town. Faith turned him into the man of the house at age 14 when his father passed leaving him behind to take care of his mother and two sisters.

Ice Prince became a landlord and had to take upon him the responsibility of collecting rent from his tenants and using it to solve family needs.

Like most artistes, Ice Prince started his music career in the church choir with MI’s dad as the pastor. (Reason 1. MI and Jesse were in the choir with him and their father was the pastor so they had “Pastor’s sons privilege” and they are still using it till date).

MI vs Ice Prince

Choi! See boys with oversized clothes …pepper never rest.

Ice Prince didn’t over look the importance of education as a student at St Murumbas College, Jos even though he repeated JSS1 three times. (Reason 2. He didn’t plan to repeat JSS1 but over talent was the issue at that point; while his God given talent was trying to convince him to quit school early so that he could start music early, his chi was also trying to keep him back in school) he didn’t give up education, at least not at that point.

He kept writing music and within a short period Ice prince became a Local Rap Champion. As an LRC, Ice Prince was winning rap battles left, right and centre until a certain boy returned from America. MI’s return was a big blow to Ice Prince’s rising stardom, not only was MI fresh from Yankee, he was also rapping and speaking with Phonetics.

Ice prince tried hard to avoid his pastor’s son but when he couldn’t take it any longer, he challenged MI to public freestyle battle. It was a day no one will forget in Jos.The roads were closed. Markets didn’t open and women were only allowed to watch from the windows of their home.

The battle started and both went hard of the beats and at the end, MI won the battle.

Ice Prince did not give up, he continued putting effort into his music. He got admission to study Zoology in University of Jos but just one week in the university, music won him over and he “fashied” school for music.

He became close friends with the Abagas and like the say “the rest is history”.

Choc Boiz
The Choc Boiz wit Da Grin (we miss u! RIP)
Choc Boiz
Choc Boiz
Choc Boiz
Choc Boiz performing

Now, back to my reason for saying that Ice Prince is better than MI, I don’t know again  ooooo but before I started writing, I had it written down and now I can’t find it.

Oh well, MI, JESSE and ICE PRINCE are choc boiz (Best Team) and MI provided ICE PRINCE the platform to shout “Oleku

Ice Prince ft Brymo – Oleku

  Ice Prince ft Brymo - Oleku.mp3 (5.5 MiB, 31,585 hits)

Oleku… Tell me somethin wey i no fit do
Mi o gbo po gbo po gbo po malo tu
Monini monin.. Modeji modeji
I hope u ready coz its oleku

She feeling the boy ye
She feeling she feeling the boy ye ye(4times)

Verse 1(Ice Prince)
I’m so interesting…./ is why they say that I’m the next thing/ see even on features I’m impressing/ people do hate but ima flexing/ I learnt the lesson/ they throw me shots but ima chestin/ I’m far from pop my pop is resting/ my flow so bad my tongue is vexing/ no one is testin/ I’m best by far is what I’m guesing/ 1 2 3 I win like wrestling/ how can i loose I’m with the best team../ I’m the boy with the fire/ and djs gimme more spin than a tyre/ seen it all, done it all, sang in a choir/ feeling like I’m tenor here only go higher/


Verse 2(Ice Prince)
Its so exciting…/ The games been dark but I’m igniting/ positive flow I’m so attracting/ whether freestyles or even writing/ I put my life in/ the bread don’t cut i put the knife in/ my left hand weak i put the right in/ and take my bars from J to brighton/ I see the lightening/ I know sometimes the rain is fritening/ no matter how hard, the seed is ripening/ so when u hear Icey princey hype him/ I don try plenty/ I dey rap I dey sing I dey come MC/ there’s too many songs and i neva empty/ na u chop stone if u want tempt me/


Verse 3(Ice Prince)
I’m so contageous/ and no ones done this good in ages/ I put my foot in hell courageous/ too many verse like bible pages/ and I hope they play this/ so i can grow up frm low to apex/ until my account is fat and shapeless/ too many songs but mine is latest/ so love or hate this/ am getting my cake am on the cake list/ beating my chest am on the ape list/ u shld be honoured and bow to greatness/ see ma names gettin famous/ my teams fire mehnn u cannot flame this/ na baba God work u cannot blame us/ its in vein wen hataz try aim us

Noble Igwe

Noble Igwe

Nobs is a SLU…shh trust fund kid who works just to exercise his body and mind. He’s “Unruly” but as calm as the “ABE” boys. Referred to as FYI (Fly, Young and Igbo) by his friends, Nobs says iT tHe wAy iT iS. Follow him on Twitter @nobsdaslushhkid Enough of the English language……..My name is Noble Igwe,go figure!


  1. noble where is the article about artists that wont make it in nigeria,hope u have the balls to publish it.we re waiting oh cuz that will be a hit lol

  2. Choc BoYz in the hizz house!!! To all u other up coming and established rappers, all I can say is #iAmSori4YouOh!!!! Cos Icey has got the rap shit in a headlock!!! He definitely knows HIPHOP and understands the needed Naija blend Thus He’s Owning the game!
    And as for bin better than MI…. Let’s jus say He’s up to par!
    Ice prince is definite a HIPHOP king amongst KINGS (M.I,Naeto,Mode,Sauce and the rest)…do ur research!

    Nuff said!

    DaT KiD FLO

  3. nufin sells dan controversy….guess he needed dis hype badly /so when u hear Icey princey hype him/…hahaha..oleku on replay all wkend…gud song…choc boiz i rep…pay@10shun

  4. I was waiting to read the reasons why the topic goes as it goes…..Hiss…Nice suspense…M.I is the illest n will remain the illest till anyone drops an album as classic as M.I..Ice Prince , POPE , Vector all have the oppurtunity but lets see…All this singles make we see wetin the album go b like..

  5. Noble is a Genius…I alwaz love his Articles,Nice Write up 360 Boss + he nailed Beazy’s – U Kno My Steez on Beazy Music Monday…lol

  6. @Bukky K oye wrote d beazy article nt nobz

    dat said, i think all the writers here r geniuses esp nobz, oye, dammy, franque & tari in fact d whole 360nobs

  7. Well the guy has ran down my battery to the point that my laptop and desktop speakers wld soon blow off, wow! I heard it on my JBL speakers yet, oh well if he burst the speakers, I don’t care we am definitely directing and shooting the video – does anyone want to contest with the Gecko Crew on that? Ok wait until you see our latest work for TUFACE, then you would realize why on earth we have to do this video!!! Ice Prince cos I lost my Dad…I cry when I hear the punch line – far from pops my pop is resting!

  8. hello there………….ice prince is gud no doubt about that but beta dan M.I dats a big lie………..even ice prince knows m.i is beta dan him…….peace

  9. this is so inspiring to know that the bone shall rise again…same has ice prince bone risen to same and fortune…thank GOD for his life

  10. M.I is good, very good, but then Ice Prince is better. Infact that guy ‘ve got ice in his veins. Ice Prince my Gee abeg keep on with the thing wey you sabi

  11. I luv evrytin bout M.I & Ice Prince,dey realy do move me.wit dem am no longa abet by my mode of rappin,i pick courage in dem.i wish dem greatness in al dey touch

  12. MI is d best ever n may b 4 ever coz jude is d greatest rapper we ever found in 9ja.
    We’re proud 2 have u…keep it gud n tight.

  13. who is that person that say that ice prince is better then M.I that person did not have a topic u mean my boss that is a lie!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. lets face d fact even d writter of dis aticle knows dat wat he wrote isnt conveincin enough but he jst wrote 4 d sake of writtin any way sha M.I is d best but maybe like 10 years 2 come ice-prince can catch up with him but 4 now abeg learn how 2 follow d best so dat u (ice prince) can b better dnt allow pple 2 use little things like dis article 2 put pride in u and rem pride goes b4 a fall,anyway sha i luv u but jst accept dis face M.I is d BEST.

  15. i diqq choclate city boys big time.. even have a crew here in Ghana called ChocBoys Gh. . hope to see you guys in Ghana…add me on facebook.. patrick glover(p’d chocboy diqqz wz’kd)

  16. In all fairness,I think both are very good in different ways am an aspiring rapper too this things are very hard to judge mi is incredible and everyone loves ice prince end of story!

  17. That was a nice article…I wont lie to you.,i thought nobody has observe that,bt thank God u did n i belive u..

  18. From nw till 2mrw,till 4ever,jude is n wud alwys b d best!hs d undisputd champion,d onli mr incredible,d pride ov naijeria…..dnt test o…iceprince is gud buh dnt mk hm feel beter dan hs boss….mi ruls….luv yhu loads,am yhur biggest fan ever(blive mi)

  19. Ice prince is d best but mr incredible is d bestest.sory 4 d vocabulary,i knw its rong bt its d wa i can differentiate between incredible leads.accept d fact

  20. Noble Igwe. Dat wuz a gr8 article.
    I was devastated at outset but i was later relieved & happy.
    M.i rules d continent.
    He’s in d same league wit kanye west,drake & lil wayne. Beta dan tyga,mccall & odas.

  21. Some of u guys tried but ice prince is better than m.i as at 2011 is concerned he has too much swag flow real ness he is to good but m.i is also good but panshak is better check out olofofo he can sing and also rap he is the main thing and the next thing in the world

  22. i love d chocolate boyz, but in comparism, ice prince is way below d Mr incredible’s league, M.I u er d king in africaUs rap game. n who is dump enough to say otherwise

  23. All those dudes there disrespecting iceprince i pity u,i seen some saying “u cant even compare him wit MI” Amay u all b forgiven,u guys ar insulting the future world best rapper,u guys dnt knw anything
    this is an assignment 4 u guys,watch as d dude b ascending to his throne,it might take some few yrs but just watch him

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