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So, i would never ever propose a trend i haven’t tried, so if you’ve been waiting for a lab rat, im the 360 fashion lab rat 🙂

Some currently call this the 300trend, and the reason is most definitely obvious; men’s gladiators, some  also call ’em Mandals, the latest trend to hit the fashion scene and like almost every exisiting trend, it existed centuries ago.

They can be worn comfortably and fashionably with anything and everything, from denims, to harems, to shorts and loads more, giving you that very casual, somewhat effortless but still fashion forward look.

MANDALS/MEN’S GLADIATOR SANDALS, what do you think? Yay or Nay?

(A fashionable guy chilling in his sandals by Tower Bridge in London.)

(Our very own Orangenerd in his Mandals here in Nigeria.)

(Terrence Sambo in his Topman Mandals)

Topman’s Mandals

(From runway to the streets – Givenchy studded Gladiators)

(Red leather sandals by Russell & Bromley)
(Black leather sandals by Pierre Hardy)

(Corset-style sandals by Kurt Geiger)

Gucci Sandals

(Givenchy Studded sandals on the runway.)

A collection of sandals from Givenchy

Burberry Sandals  Backstage F/W 11

Sandals on the beach
The OrangeNerd

The OrangeNerd

I'm just a boy with a colourful disposition about life in its entirety, i'm an absolute fashion heretic and so i am involved in the works of industry, from design to styling to writing, as long as it involves fashion i have or might still be meddling in it.


  1. Mandals are not a new trend.only the “gay” female looking ones “for men” are new! That adebayo lawal has a horrible dress sense.definately gay looking denrenle, what says u?

    1. thus why his famous, his one of the most stylish, hs been in almost every magazine in nigeria and well you’re… who are you??
      anyhu gladiators are amazing theyve been worn on the most masculine of guys i mean 300 you these daft people, Nigerians are so backward gosh.

  2. lol at comments and zoro u’re a very interesting person-thats all i have to say!!!
    but yeah for those that want to orer call me 07037559787 i know people that make them.
    its amazing in this day and age people still call sandals gay, especially considering how long theyve existed for, do your research people.

  3. Some of those sandals sure r trendy..but those studded ones cant look any “gayer”..+ d orangenerd dude screaming gay..but wot d hell…all in d name of fashion and not being backward right?

  4. you guys are effin homophobes lol who is to say what is gay and straight?! maybe you shouldnt be following a blog on fashion forward statements…goodness hahah

  5. i dont think its gayish wearing a mandals nigerian are always diffrent dats y we are way back in all things fuk off u mandals fobic

  6. I’ll tell you peeps whats bullshit, is the fact that men get called gay for what they wear. I’m straight and I’ll say this: I’m freaking tired of clunky ugly ass shoes for men. I’m not saying I want to wear some strappy womens high heel sandal or any womans shoes for gods sake, I’ll leave that for the crossdressers and trannies – BUT, for real, I don’t see why SOME ‘womens” sandals can not cross over to mens side of things if you widen the shoe, thicken the straps, etc. It takes BALLS for a guy to wear that fem sandal shit, but thats how trends start. Some guy has a set big enough to create something new – and damnit fags, leave the femmy shit away from things – because of you us str8 guys get called a fag for wearing things YOU wear!

  7. It takes one to know one:

    if you look at guys wearing sandals/gladiators sandals and think they are gay, they you are gay…

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