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Mannequin which has been an online magazine for a while now hosted people to its launch of what they call ‘The Nouveau Issue’ on Sunday,10th October at Zamunda.

The magazine will be released monthly; so be on the look out for the next issue ‘The Power Issue‘.

Hope they continue to live up to their slogan – ‘Dream It. Change It. Work It’,  Meanwhile, here are some pictures from the launch. Pictures are supplied by Akin Osibanjo and Peter Bello.

What do you think?

Bubu & friend
Terrence Sambo
Aisha Bello

Eniola Falase
Super Model,Makida Moka


Bayo & Bubu
Deedee & friends

Kathleen & Aisha Bello

Kay,Nobz, Akunwa


Omowunmi Akinnifesi
Makida Moka & Terrence Sambo

Sheila Nwagboso
Editor of Mannequin Magazine,Didi Moughalu

Abiola Aloba & Friend


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  1. Yup yup mannequin mag rock!thanks the lady in the pearls is makidamoka hp I gt dt right n d one in d jumpsuit is me ew. I see you didi x

  2. Yup yup mannequin mag rocks,thanks d lady in d jacket and pearls is makidamoka hp I got that right, and one in the blackjumpsuit is me EW baby.I see u didi x

  3. I like the lady in the purple trench and yellow pants…lovely match. And Nobs can you try add some spice to your ‘white shirt and jeans’ regular look…it will help. #justasuggestion.

  4. @Terrence Sambo, not to sound derogatory…he looks kinda gay.
    @Akunwa- finally a face to the name.
    loving the purple and yellow combo….

  5. Nice try with the names aldoe I suggest the camera man have an assistant next tym that would take names whilst he takes his eva beautiful pix. Hia’s wishing the Mannequin team all the best!

  6. Onyx and pearl! Can get any happier 4 u guyz…and wats the whole force bout sambo…being queerly dressed as nofin to do with ur sexuality.@ r$lls and juicejuice: I am disappointed @ ur approach on the issue

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