Expatriates Living in Nigeria on Moments with Mo

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Mo focuses on expatriates in Africa: their social, business and family life. Every country has expatriates come within a prolonged period and return home but in this episode, She looks at those living away.

She speaks to Felicia, an American who decided to come live in Nigeria with 5 children, after divorcing her African American husband.

There is a video (sneak peak) with this post and here is the link below  Y’all need to watch this. Its totally interesting to see a Black American woman move to Nigeria and apparently to the village too not the city of Lagos. The most amazing thing about this woman is her accent and how much it has changed but you can still hear the American intonation.


For the actual airing of this show on TV, tune in to MNet West on Tuesday Oct 12th(tomorrow), Wednesday 13th October & Saturday 16th October.



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  1. Hey Mo thanks i Love what u are doing infact u are Making Nigeria proud. I don’t Watch Ur Show anymore since i Move to dubai

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