Dear Nigeria

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Dear Nigeria,
I know all will be well… I’m not sure but I can tell
Basically it’s been 365 days since the last Independence Day celebration and things have changed since then
In my opinion I think most have been for good
That being said I feel we (your children) have got a lot of work to do in order for you to be a very great nation once again
We know it’s going to be hard considering the fact that we are over 140million from 36 states
But at the end of the day UNITY is the keyword if we have to grow
I’m really sorry about the insanity that your children seem to practice
But 50years is a landmark and from here on, we need to be better than we have been in the past years
Truth be told, there is little change this my letter can do but it is a step I am taking;
The 15 children that were kidnapped in prelude to your 50th is just a sad reflection of the country’s harmony
But In order for today to be a day of celebration, I will talk (write) less about the bad
But a few people had things to say…

Temi said “i wish Nigeria good luck @50 and hope things get better”
Cyclone said “Good governance…that’s about all it takes”
Triciah said “good government and co-operative citizens!!”
Neefemi said “My wish for Nigeria is that our level of poverty be reduced & that our health system becomes Universal”

I think it’s important to know the a lot of people want the country to be better;
But what is also very important to know is, if a lot of people are ready to make the country better;
As you read this a bunch of politicians are sharing some large national cake and spending a lot of money on today’s celebration, not taking into consideration tomorrow’s business.

God bless Nigeria and the people in it.. Most importantly, God help us so we don’t get selfish with what he has blessed us with.

In all honesty, we are actually very blessed.


AND NEPA NEED TO FIX UP (or PHCN whatever they like to be called)



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  1. I first of all thank the president for his Nigeria’s 53rd independent anniversary. I knw your hv said ur mind but the minds of nigerians u hv not talk aboutm i.e ASUU strike,are u hapy celebrtin nig independence wen our children, bro, sis, cousin, nephew,aunty’s, uncles etc are on strike? Pls leave the union as a body n go in agreement wit them for the sak of those pple mentioned abov.
    Long live nigeria
    Loong live the president of the fed repblic of nig.
    We are looking forward for ur prompt response and necessary action.

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