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I am a huge John Grisham fan.

John Grisham has written more bestsellers than most. I have loved all of them. He’s a master story-teller, a wizard at writing legal thrillers and is great at building suspense. The plots of his novels are well detailed. The characters are superbly depicted. Over the years, Grisham has extended his scope to writing books that do not involve lawyers. He has written a book of non-fiction, “A Painted House”, about growing up poor in Arkansas; “Bleachers”, about high school football and “Playing for Pizza”, about an American football player in Italy. In his latest work, “The Associate”, he has returned to his roots…. A new novel comes out this month, “The Confession”.

If you like The Firm, The Pelican Brief, and The Client, you will most definitely like The Associate. In fact I noticed many similarities between “The Firm” and “The Associate”. The Associate is about an idealistic young lawyer, Kyle McAvoy who has recently graduated from the law school of the University of Yale. He’s a star athlete…. He would have made it to the NBA if not for an injury and he’s the editor of the law journal. He is very much sought after by the prestigious law firms but however he plans to work in the middle of nowhere and give back to the community by working for the needy and helpless. Fate however intervenes and Kyle is threatened with a horrid, dirty secret from his past which might jeopardize his career unless he follows the orders of the bad guy….  Sounds familiar.

Kyle is blackmailed into taking a job in New York as an attorney for $200,000 a year at the biggest law firm in the world. Instead of working for the firm, he will be walking against it. He’s asked to thieve information concerning a trial involving two defense industry giants.

Grisham has long since proved his narrative talent. His plot is highly spectacular and he makes it easy for us to keep turning the pages to see if Kyle can find a way out of the chaos. The characters of the novel are well described. My only complaint is that I felt the character of Kyle was too righteous and noble. It was too easy to fall in love with him.

For Grisham fans, the book won’t disappoint. It’s vintage Grisham doing what he does best. I have a feeling that this book would definitely be made into a movie. It has all the characteristics of a Hollywood blockbuster.



I am an affirmed bibliophile,not a nerd. Dictionary says a BIBLIOPHILE is a lover of books and a NERD is a socially dull and boringly studious person. See, there is a whole lot of difference. I am hustling for my first billion…believe me its hard….don’t know how I will get it but the important thing is that I get it. Welcome to THE BIBLIOPHILE.


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