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Wow… I can’t believe it’s here. It seems like yesterday and we are in the final week already.

MONDAY 11th October 2010
Uti and Lerato were becoming suspiciously close… as hard as it was for me to believe there was something going on there, I couldn’t just rule that out… or maybe this is just Uti’s way of hiding away from Sheila.

Anyways, from Kaone’s eviction interview I think the guys really felt left out on the barn experience. They should just be happy they were never evicted and yea, it’s not a bad idea the next Big Brother house being in form of the barn. But the thing is, as far as people are going to be nominated and the tension of being evicted, that automatically disqualifies it as a healing place.

Meanwhile the housemates had a scary yet funny conversation about stabbing someone…

Watch Sheila strip

TUESDAY 12th October 2010
Final task
Housemates were to paint their self-portraits and do a personal marketing using the portraits.

Lol… it was fun watching Lerato do her dagger… she sure can sing though and knows the lyrics to most songs… so it wasn’t that hard for her.

And Sheila seemed ready with her stilettos and the guys’ eyes were wide open, ready to watch her strip… she found it hard going all the way though, sorry babes!

WEDNESDAY 13th October 2010
Today all the housemates were made to tell Africa why they should vote for them, here are their reasons:

“Because this is the second time he has made it this far in the game, one of two people that ever stayed in the game for 6 months, given the viewers so much of his life and time, has been nominated 9 times “ a new record” and let’s finish what we have started… bring it back to the south, Zimbabwe never won”.

“He is a proud African who kept it real, he had fun in the game and hope the viewers had fun watching him”.

“Because she has done her best”

Because I have played a fair and hard game from the beginning, right up till now, and the real her is what we saw and the real her needs our votes and she needs the money”

Because “he has been strong, resilient and care about everyone other than his friends. And if he has inspired you or added value to your life, vote for him”

Lol… Lerato told Uti he could take a peep @ her shrinking boobs after complaining about them… She is slimming down after all! And seriously, they are that close now? Or just maybe because they are BFFs…ok!

All the arguments this night between Munya and Sheila was doing my head in… propaganda, movies, Hollywood, British and America… whew!

The housemates are beginning to argue a lot these days… tension building up I guess! And as a result, the house was kinda so so… nothing extraordinary happened!

Still counting down… less than 4 days to go!

THURSDAY 14th October 2010
Nearing the end of this game got me thinking, are Shuti really gonna seal this deal or what? I am scared that should Uti win, that might be the end of Shuti or they might simply remain “just friends”… Whew… Shaking my head!

BTW… has anyone noticed how Lerato make several faces while talking? LOL… very hilarious!

The housemates really had fun presenting their task… they figured they might as well have fun with the last one, and they sure did.

Nothing serious though but the relaxed presentation, teasing and jokes, was impressive.

FRIDAY 15th October 2010
Holding their breaths and freaking out as the day drew nearer… the housemates said their goodbyes to their dailies’ (task, work out, dairy sessions, parties) and emotional goodbye to their trainers bearing gifts.

The Arena Friday came with swag this Friday, the housemates had a drive-in Cinema and sat and watched the previous Arena games straight from the Cadillac.

She-ggy is really spoiling the housemates; from Water Slide, Drinks now Nintendo Wii… finally Mwisho and Uti got the chance to fight it out… well, not literally. Uti must be very proud to be winning the game so far.

SATURDAY 16th October 2010
Thank God my Big Brother partner finally showed up to help me conclude this show and review. She started with one simple yet serious question. Who was I rooting for? I tried but couldn’t make up my mind because I really don’t mind anyone.

As they enjoy their last full day, they exchanged clothings as souvenirs… so this is actually the last night they are going to spend in Big Brother house all five of them… wow!

With the fear of Sunday in the air and the effects of the cocktails from the pampering Biggy threw in, the housemates went gaga… loads of drama.

Munya had a fight with almost all the housemates!

With Lerato, he accused her of not saying much when she was making a speech saying her goodbyes. It escalated to different things… his fight with Meryl, Mwisho hitting Meryl, Hannington and Lerato… some tantrum bombo!

This is where it started.

Hannington and Lerato almost repeated itself, this time Lerato and Munya… thank God they managed to be in control of their temper.

As they try to reconcile… What’s with Munya and finishing… so he is a finisher slash die-hard now… all because he survived loads of nominations?

He swore to kill Mwisho.

He fought with Sheila as she had the opinion that Munya treats her like trash and disrespect her… and that he had become arrogant and acts like he had won the prize already and everyone was just an extra… mmmmm, interesting!

Uti was more of an on-looker… so to say!

Anyways, the top 5 enjoyed their Halloween party later on… and had yet another double party…. Big Brother is so into spoiling them!

SUNDAY 17th October 2010
DJ Black Coffe, Maye Hunta, MI, 2Face, Wyre were present and set the stage on fire…

It started with the top 5 praying and for the first time IK was in the house to have a feel of them; in the process showed them their highlights.

Mac daddy slash Sheila… really got games…she had kissed like almost all the housemates.

Meanwhile, all the evicted housemates were there to grace the finale… Hannington was looking super hot… Damn!

Jen did her dance and she was feeling “Gucci” according to her.

Meryl made it clear that “as much as she loves paper, she loves her man” when asked whom she would choose between the prize and her man… obviously! she is out already!

Well… this was probably before the finale… watch them have one more Arena fun…. Dinner in the Sky!

Finally, the results were coming in…

SHEILA was the first to leave…

Followed by MWISHO… Meryl was so desperate to have him back as he answered the question we all have been waiting to confirm about where they are going to live.

Well, he didn’t really; he simply said, “They are a continent”what the hell is that!

Before the next housemate was called “MI” performed Anoti

And finally LERATO was out; leaving us with the top two… what’s with her and her blackberry? I guess she is one of those addicts… like my brother (one love Nobs) lol!

As we waited for the result… I knew Munya in his mind couldn’t wait to finish Uti…

Finally here is the winner

MUNYA made his way out as he fought back the tears real hard.

Wow… UTI won and he sealed it with Nigeria National Anthem.

The other housemates must be happy he won instead of Munya, because he wasn’t constantly friends with any of them and they all found him arrogant.

So Uti is like 30 million Naira richer? Wow, that’s huge enough to get him out of his sister’s house.

☹ Seriously, did he actually say that…“bad belle people start dey wonder… like jealous people are wondering”? Like seriously?

So this is it… Uti and IK (the Host) shut down the house as Big Brother All stars finally came to an end. All we could do now is wait patiently for next year’s Big Brother Africa and look forward to catching up with Shuti…

Tata…Waving my hand!!!

All the Big Brother Africa House contestants


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  1. Hannington was Super hot *wipes sweat*
    wait, what was all that BS about him being arrested after he left the barn?anyway glad erthn is A.ok! paix!

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