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Meryl the latest addition to the barn found herself in a weird situation because the barnmates had gotten to know each other more compared to when they left her and were all ready to attack her as per the engagement.

BTW, no one is leaving the main house Sunday, instead 2 barnmates will be sent back to the house. The housemates were thrilled to hear this, especially the nominated housemates K1, Mwisho and Uti.

MONDAY 27th September 2010
Merylisho plan to get pregnant December, she confided in Sheila that she would have asked Monkey’s dad to step in if she hadn’t meet Mwisho. She must really be serious about kids!

Wait a minute! So Mwisho is going to join Meryl in Namibia, like living the bush to join her…. Ok, now I have seen a motive… or real love!

Munya is really pissed at Uti trying to suck up to him all of a sudden, after switching him and not saying a word to him for the first 6 weeks.

Best friends or Enemies
Fact is Mwisho and Uti are not friends; they are just playing the game but enough of the argument and fighting already. Maybe they are just in a love hate relationship slash friendship.

After fighting with Mwisho, Uti tried to take it out on K1, but Munya couldn’t hear of it, he came to K1’s defense. The way this is going I really think Uti needs to chillax and take a deep breath. All the drama isn’t just worth it… that’s my opinion, so whatever!

Maybe it’s the booze that brought out their inner demons or boredom but whichever, it just has to stop!

The Barn Talks Horny:

TUESDAY 28th September 2010
Irene was Meryl’s guest and high school friend slash best friend but she seemed kinda shy?

The barnmates were last night told instead of the probability of more than two barnmates returning to the house, the definite number will be two. Leaving 5 out of 7 barnmates out of it. That made them scared and in an awkward position forcing them to fight against women inequality. They didn’t like the fact that all the ladies have been kicked out.

Lol… Code is enjoying being the only guy in the house and enjoying the attention. And NO, he doesn’t need another dude to take over because he is gonna flex with the attention and LOVES the ladies.

Ok, now he is flexing with She-ggy (Biggy) asking her to laugh for him. She-ggy was really in the mood that she gave him a “Hahaha” … OK!

Gossip gossip:
Sheila is at it again, but this time she was on about her fellow MNC member, Meryl. She told Lerato she could swear with everything she had that Meryl doesn’t love Mwisho… and told her to remember she was the one that set them up. She didn’t stop at that, she told Lerato that Meryl made out with Munya… Word!!! When did this happen?

Attack on Meryl
From men, engagement…. the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

They are beginning to make me see her as a liar, though I caught her on some myself.

I was really impressed how she stood her ground… that must be real love… Awwww!

Paloma is becoming so verbal (sexually) and all that, watch her attack Irene (Meryl’s guest)

WEDNESDAY 29th September 2010
Finally, they got around tidying up the barn and were finally given their task… Thank goodness! They were turned into cowboys and the housemates, chefs. At least they will have food to eat right? Since they are all guys.

Irene hugging her weird imaginary friend got the barnmates talking.

The girls were getting aggressive and taking the balls into their courts by promoting women and preaching against Africa and the world being quick to judge women as opposed to men. And not appreciating each other, sisterhood kinda thing.

Here is a little something for y’all, especially those that haven’t really gotten the chance to see the full video of Maye Hunta’s African Star(Produced and Directed by Endemol)… here you go.

THURSDAY 30th September 2010
Happy Independence Day Botswana and Kaone!!! Big Up yourself!

Damn the barnmates were really tensed to the extent they resorted to fighting each other. I really hope they don’t spoil the love and friendship they found because of votes. What happened to the healing and peace in the barn? Sunday should just hurry and put them off this misery… hmmmmm (shaking my head).

Paloma wasn’t interested in anything anymore, from the cleaning she was known for to the task. She couldn’t be bothered; maybe because she has a strong feeling she isn’t going back to the house and thought, what’s the point!

Jen and Tatiana even fell out… too much tension in the house. Therapist, please!

Mwisho and Uti punished again? Maybe punishment doesn’t help… what can make them both just behave once and for all?

Code is so enjoying the attention as Tatiana gave him a scrub… did Paloma peep in on them? Just asking!


FRIDAY 1st October 2010
Happy Independence Day Uti, Happy 50th Independence Nigeria!!!

Mwisho won HOH for next week, leading the house for two consecutive times (so did Tatiana). Big-up urself!

BTW, the housemates got hypnotised… which Uti and Kaone denied they didn’t fall for… Whatever!

I knew Uti had a thing for Jen, unfortunately for him she is dead serious about her boyfriend. He bragged to his housemates that had it been Jen wasn’t in a relationship, she would have hooked up with him… mmmmmm, so you think!

This is so brilliant that I am so jealous… can you believe these are the barnmates they are so pimped…

The barnmates are really going to miss the barn; they spent time taking pictures and enjoying one of their last moments together.

If I am to give testimonies or thanks to the barn, things I am grateful for:
–    Lerato and Tatiana will be my high for the whole stay. They wouldn’t have gotten along if not for the barn
–    And every other person breaking down those fences they built

I wonder what yours as fans are, do you care to share?

Anyways, the girls are starting a rumour about Munya being really into men besides the movie (His secret).

They were talking like for real? That he was flirting with one of their instructors at one of their Arena games? And they said something about flirting with K1 or something… not quite sure I got that!

Thanks to “concentration game” Meryl finally answered the questions we all have been asking. She said they (Merylisho) have done everything…. Like EVERYTHING! So does that mean we are we expecting a baby Merylisho? Not necessarily I guess.

Ladies last night chat b4 Sunday:
I was really feeling the ladies… Drama filled and drunk… the girls made speeches goodbye and welcome the beginning to new friendship whatever happens on Sunday.

They had to talk about their experience with each other. Code was nowhere in this discussion, probably sleeping.

Has anyone noticed how Jennifer says “yea, yea and yea” like in everything? Ok, moving on!

Jen was defensive but didn’t start any drama, they took her in good faith. Meryl wasn’t saying much; she was noticeably quiet… maybe drunk… And kept farting… sorry Jen!

Whatever happens Sunday, I bet the girls will forever remember tonight, there was much love in there and drunkenness that I couldn’t help but felt like giving them all a big hug… LOL.

SATURDAY 2nd October 2010
As usual it’s Saturday night and after the party people are drunk and any discussion leads to drama. The barnmates got it started with Meryl and Sheila taking out their reserved curiosity on Paloma; from questions about her feelings for Uti to Mwisho.

SUNDAY 3rd October 2010
Wow… Uti is in love; finally this is going to work.

All the while Sheila was expressing her love for Uti, Uti was hiding his. He couldn’t help keeping it in that he had to share with his guys. Sheila watched from the barn and blushed all the way.

I can bet Sheila is going back to the house. So are they going to hug, kiss and make up/out?

Apparently four contestants were evicted.

She-ggy started the game by asking the housemates to go upstairs and remain there till further notice; that kept my eyes wide open.

This is it!

The first barnmate to be called was SHEILA. She was so shocked and all the rest of the barnmates could say was “go get your man”!

At that point I prayed for Tatiana to be next… pls God let Meryl not beat her to it…. Holding my breath as IK announced


Believe me I did a dance and shouted on top of my voice. I wish I did a video of myself… lol.

Now it’s on!

Watch the 2 barnmates delivered to the house:

I ‘op you didn’t miss the Sheila/Uti reunion above.

Wow“Dr Sid” dedicated “Pop Champagne” to Sheila… how sweet!!! That’s her favourite Saturday night party song…

Awwww… the remaining barnmates were so sad, Paloma looked really pissed. They were made to wear a tee shirt with barcodes on. Watch the rest:

Now they are back…. Like for real, they are going to start nominating each other and forming alliance… with Uti not getting the barn healing, please he shouldn’t spoil everything for us especially “Lerato and Tatiana”.

In the end, four contestants were evicted. Meryl, Paloma, Jennifer and Code. Big up yourselves. I guess this might be your last Big Brother.

This is where the game begins…watch this space!



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  1. Awww…sniff..sniff…@Uti an Sheila,I pray things work out fine… And Lyn..u write rily well..I didn’t get to ‘watch’ any of ths buh now I feel like I didnt miss anything.Thank u! Cheers

  2. Biggie we keep voting for our favorite house mate to stay in the house. We re not stupid to evict some, now you bring them back to the house do you think we are fools? Look uti has to win thats why we spent lots on air time to keep voting.

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