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The twists made this the best slash unique Big Brother Africa ever.

After the eviction, the 7 housemates were all excited trying to catch up that they became chatty and so loud; Tatiana especially, I couldn’t sit around for so long…. I passed!

MONDAY 4th October 2010

This is not good; two housemates are leaving Sunday and to make it worse, Tatiana is up for possible eviction… OMG!

Basically, it was Uti, Mwisho, K1 and Munya that were nominated and as HOH, Mwisho replaced himself with Tatiana… Not cool!

I am scared it might be either Tatiana and K1 or Munya and K1. I prayed for Tatiana… L

Did I hear this is the last nomination? Like it’s going to boil down to the final 5. Damn, that’s scary.

I thought being in love would stop Shuti from gossiping, gossiping about Meryl and the engagement. That’s really a bad foundation to their relationship; they should stop already.

Anyways, they finally had the talk, though Uti didn’t clearly confess to Sheila how he feels about her. But she told him she was in love and that she wasn’t happy he couldn’t tell her to her face after telling the guys. She also told him about her and Hannington, which Uti was ok with.

What is with Uti and TV b***shit, why cant he just say how he feels about Sheila already? Besides he had already said it to the guys and we all have heard it or does he plan on telling her with a kiss, which he swore earlier not to make out on TV… isn’t the love strong enough to worth breaking his “TV rules”?


About Munya and Tatiana, they are totally confused and can’t decide on what they are. They are just doing whatever for the game and scared of the people they left at home.

TUESDAY 5th October 2010

The twist must have really put the guys on a long cruise especially the fact that the girls watched them from the barn made nervous. K1 and Munya were pretty scared because they talked loads of negative things about the girls.

Personally, I have a feeling Uti might win the game. It’s going to be between Uti, Sheila and Munya.

Tatiana should know Meryl is obviously watching and got her eyes on her man. What happened to the “No No” to friend’s man discussion they had in the barn?

Housemates boxed like literally!

They housemates now box-mates were given a task were they were to compete while doing some task in the box. Whoever stays the longest, completes the most tasks and resist temptation will be the winner of “a very useful state of the art technology”.

They were not allowed to drink, talk, smoke or eat and given 5mins breaks each hour. After k1 was disqualified, he was to tempt the other box-mates out of their boxes.

BTW… Why was Uti kinda avoiding Sheila, like hanging out more with Lerato… was he shy or something?

WEDNESDAY 6th October 2010

Lerato must really miss Yacob that bad. She is beginning to talk about him like almost everyday; now they have some unfinished business and she claimed it wasn’t love related.

This box game was getting so endless… Munya, Mwisho and Tatiana didn’t look like they are giving up. Maybe She-ggy should just prepare 3 rewards.

Meanwhile, I’m beginning to think Uti is not really in love with Sheila or maybe confused about it. From not being able to tell her how he feels about her to telling She-ggy that it might be Sheila strategy to win the game by declaring her love for him and that it was wrong timing… maybe her better timing to win the game… interesting!

The in-the box out-of-the box game was slowing things down because they were stuck in there with no drama and no entertainment per say. Though the “imitating” diary session was fun, where the out-of-box housemates had to do diary session for the box-mates.

Tatiana should at least come out of the box or quit, that would make things more fun. Giving that this might be her last week as hard as it was for me to say… L so sad!

I might as well console myself because once she leaves; I only got one week to watch the show without her…  wish my votes alone could save her!

Thank God Tatiana won the in-the-box game with her $1000 she won discovering Lerato’s secret, $1000 as no one discovered her secret soon enough and now winning this game. She will have loads to go home with. Therefore as far as I am concerned, she is already a winner!

What a relief, the show is back to normal… no boxing or caging and antisocialism. All we need now is drama and real entertainment all the way as two housemates enjoy their last week.

THURSDAY 7th October 2010

The house was on fire… a combination of Sheila and Tatiana is a blast, real fun!

Tatiana (Flirtiana) is kinda flirting with everyone especially Mwisho, like hello!

Enough of the word “CRICKET” What The Hell is that all about… like an African calling a fellow African CRICKET? Whatever the reasons are, it’s some BOMBO F*BULLCRAP!!!!!

Moving on… what’s going on between Kaone and Tatiana… are they starting something or what? mmmm…winking. lol!

FRIDAY 8th October 2010

It was really good Sheila told Uti she kissed Hannington early enough because the housemates got the opportunity to watch what went down in the barn for the first time. All the kissing and fun Hannington had with the girls.

Uti was so attentive and wide-eyed.

This was really bad timing because Uti is yet to tell Sheila how he feels about her and he is really acting so weird that I find it difficult to understand. Like is he avoiding her, are they avoiding each other or what? C’mon this is so weird!

He had already told everyone and we watching have heard him say it already, so what’s the fuss? Come to think of it, if he thinks it’s Sheila’s strategy confessing her love for him, how about him that confessed it as well? Hey… I’m just thinking out loud!

Anyways, the most important clip the housemates saw was the fight between Hannington and Lerato. At least the girls had the opportunity to watch it and it’s about time they got their stories right… But well, they still didn’t. They said there was blood everywhere and that the blood part/scene was cut off. EVERYWHERE, like really? I never saw that though… maybe a little blood, which happened to be Hannington’s!

But well… watch their reactions J

Tatiana looked shocked; like she was doing a math… tryna put the whole situation together.

For the 3rd time and 3 consecutive times, Mwisho won HOH. Wow, dude you are good!

That reminds me, I thought Munya said Mutiana wasn’t happening? I think he was pretty scared and had to step up before K1 takes over, especially with his new sleeping arrangement and pillow talks with Tatiana.

Here is the video of the Arena task, Ninja Foofie Slide.

It was so sweet of She-ggy (Biggy) to give them gifts (a trophy and an MP3 player) after having that much fun.

Anyways, fingers crossed for Sunday… the suspense is killing me.

SATURDAY 9th October 2010

In anticipation of the party, Flirtiana went to all length to entertain the housemates… watch out!

Kaone seemed the most affected… lol

Rainy Party

The theme for the party was fairytale… so let your imagination wonder.

DJ Casie wasn’t bad at all, he got me sweating and dancing like a pop star… LMAO… I wish!

And this was like the first party inside the house with close range with the DJ. Yes, we see that in the barn but not the main house… was it raining?

Ok… Mwisho that used to be the life of the party fell asleep during the party, he must really miss Meryl… Awwwww!

Wow… there was a twist, yea that confirms my suspicion why the party held indoors. They had a double party this weekend after the party got started and supposedly ended with DJ Casie (the beat fm Nigeria); DJ Leonel (former Big Brother Revolution Mozambique housemate) was waiting in the glass room to entertain the housemates for an extra hour.

That kinda finally woke Mwisho up a bit, thank God!

Did I see Lerato drinking, not in the video though… has the ban been lifted?

Anyways, they partied under the rain while Flirtiana kept flashing like almost every second

SUNDAY 10th October 2010

Tatiana got yet another secret right… sorry K1! Therefore she was now $1000 richer…

The day has finally come… and I have accepted it. What ever happens today, I will take it in good faith.

Just a reminder, two housemates are leaving today.


For the first time the evicted housemates will be going home (or wait around for the finale), as the barn has been shutdown.

KAONE was the first to be evicted… “Rural Swagger’. I like how he took it, most especially what he said, “If you don’t win the money, you make it”!

K1’s Dagger: Lerato will be a jukebox and will sing and dance to housemates’ song requests, starting tomorrow.

That wasn’t the end; the second housemate to leave the house was TATIANA.

When asked why she is the way she is, she said “she got only one life and she had to enjoy it as no one else will enjoy it for her”. And about nudity… lol, IK (the Host) asked her if it was part of her strategy to win the game. And she was like “she was just being herself and came into this world naked”

Who didn’t? We should all strip I guess… c’mon!

In addition to her underwater camera she won from the endurance “boxed” task, she will be getting R50, 000 worth holiday, all expense paid. Plus the $3000 from the secrets of course, you have done well for yourself… big up yourself!

Tatiana Dagger

Sheila is to change clothes 3 times, strip and dance for the housemates… I’m looking forward to that J guess we all are!

Munya must be so BADASS now, surviving 9 Nominations… WOW!

FYI the grand prize has been restored to its full value after being reduced by $20,000 as a result of the food strike… Yay to whoever the winner is gonna be!

Wow… Sheila and Uti are hugging and getting real close, what did I miss?

Anyways, I miss Flirtiana already! Holding my breath for next Sunday, that’s what we waited 91days for init?

To KAONE and TATIANA… you came so close to the end… Xoxo!



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  1. this show needs to be barned bcoz its a dangerous show of addiction juss like dagga a dda.munya this season is the cause to me.

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