BeazyMusicMondays: Beazy ft Ice Prince – U Kno My Steez

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Mondays are the most Beazy days of the week. What better way to take the stress off than to kick back and listen 2 Beazy Music Mondays. We are in Week 8 and this joint is one of the hottest tracks I’ve heard in 2010 (and no it’s not becos of the shout outs to blogs)

Today’s free #BeazyMusicMonday track is an original track “U Kno My Steez” which is bound to be an anthem soon. It features Ice Prince who along with Beazy are possible heirs to MI‘s throne (he’s still vacating it, ain’t he?). The track was produced by Playback

Both MCs killed it for me with their dopeness deliveries …Jam is hot! Already on all my gadgets – SanDisk Clip+ (my new toy …i recommend it) iPODs, PSP, Zune, Sony X Series & my Winamp playlist (btw who owns a Creative Zen X-Fi, still undecided …is it on point?) and it should be on all urs too.

44 more Beazy tracks coming soon to a Monday Near U.  See u all soon!

Fave barz: ‘…I got em all shook since I came on G/ u say u know some better rappers, ok name 1 please/ geez…’

Lyrics after the tracks. Yup! Get familiar!

Beazy ft Ice Prince – U Kno My Steez

  Beazy ft Ice Prince - U Kno My Steez.mp3 (4.6 MiB, 2,617 hits)

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Verse 1 (Beazy):

Dey got me like negro please/ U can’t tussle wit it, boy u know my steez/ U can’t hustle with it/ Boy u know my cheese/ And if u hating on it/ U can suck on these/ I stay fly like I’m up on trees/ Heading for the sky like I puff on leaves/ Cuz d flow cold/ Sub-zero degrees/ So u already know, I’m bout to blow/ No breeze/ Please/ I got d game on freeze/ I own dis shit, u’ve got fame on lease/ I got em all shook since I came on G/ U say u know some better rappers/ Ok name one please/ Geez/ Dawg u know dat I’m bringing it/ It’s game time and u know dat I’m swinging it/ Ruthless d coup is/ U know dat I’m killing it/ Beazy n IcePrince/ U know dat u feeling it

Verse 2 (Ice Prince):

Am goin in no condom/ am effin with the game fire blaze upon dem/ they drop the nails in the ocean but i found em/ they put we in the backyard we compound em/ sorry that am better.. Apology accepted/ calender shows busy like a call that i rejected/ beazy hit me up and yo we easily conected/ now we supa fly fly fly with no effort/ i don’t listen to this internet thugz/ alredy getting propz from these internet blogs/ on gidilounge, bella or 360nobz/ am notjustok am tryna do forbes/ yea so next year I myt tripple numbers/ I handles ma shit dawg and i aint talking plumbers/ ma brain to the hot mehnn with no head warmers/ ma verse got em saying ooooh now they turn hummers

Verse 3 (Beazy):

U know me, I read em like a book/ Thinkin u a problem? I’ll beat u like a crook/ Cuz u in my way, better know I’m never shook/ I burn d beef/ Hey u know I never cook/ The flow is never overlooked/ Steady on point so it’s often overbooked/ I’m never overtook/ Cuz I stay fast/ I’m real, y’all acting… Lyk a play’s cast/ I make em stay gassed/ Dey on dat hater ting/ Rap 2.0, yeh I’m on dat beta ting/ U kno dat cheddar ring/ Wrist watch be better bling/ Mehn I too dey pose/ I’m such a mannequin/ Now I’m in magazines/ Veteran battering/ Cuz d swag is mean/ It means fans I’m gathering/ So ma name gotta ring/ Cuz nobody does it better/ Follow d script, to the letter



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  1. Another Beazy Monday…Beazy is the Best & This is my Favorite of all the tracks.God Bless this Guy & Ice Prince came hard on this.

  2. Shelt!!!! Dis is a frigging dope track…9ja rap artists are not about to but have taken d world by storm,believe dat!!!

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