Arsenal F.C. made us all proud

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I am not an Arsenal fan, but I must admit….I joined numerous Nigerians in supporting Arsenal all the way against BIG SPENDERS Manchester City F.C. over the weekend.

I saw the game at Bungalows and the atmosphere was charged…from young to old, white to black, from drunk to stable…everyone was there to see the GUNNERS show no mercy on City. Arsenal get supporters sha, our waiter fashied our order and concentrated on the game for a few minutes.

I must admit, I did not like the way Arsenal Fans flooded Facebook and Twitter with different congratulatory messages and uploading their BB pictures a zillion times, but I believe it was a well deserved victory… please enjoy match details and highpoints:

•    It was payback time for that tall Togolese, Emmanuel Adebayor… this time last year he taunted Arsenal supporters with a crazy celebration….Well this time around; he was quiet all day, despite his hat-trick during the week.

•    Although Man City was a man down with just 5 minutes into the game, it was a well deserved victory for Arsenal, who showed signs of zeal and determination especially in the second half.

•    Money can’t buy you everything….A young Arsenal team destroyed or better still battered a side who spent 100 million pounds over the summer on new signings.

•    This was Man City’s heaviest home defeat since January 2007.

One of the Goals

•    For us, Manchester United supporters we thank Arsenal for making the title battle open, now all 3 teams (Arsenal, Man Utd and Man City) have equal points, 17.

•    Arsenal dominated the game, from start to finish with 62% possession as compared to Man City’s 38%.

•    Nasri and Chamakh were impressive; even Arsenal’s number 2 goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski was not left out, with two wonderful saves during the game.

•    Arsenal youngsters are maturing fast and Sunday’s win proved this.

Words on the Game:
Arsene Wenger: “It was important to us to get a win in a big place to strengthen belief and continue our march forward. I think collectively we completely dominated the game. I hope that will give us the belief and confidence to take into other games.”

Roberto Mancini: “I think against Arsenal it is difficult to play 11 versus 11. Ten against 11 is worse but it is my opinion that we if played 11 against 11 we would have won this game.”

By the way, do you know that Hernandez scored the two goals that sealed the victory for Manchester United…Yeah, I know u guys are aware…Just kidding…This weekend belonged to Arsenal…it feels good to see Arsenal fans happy and hopeful once again.

Till next week.

Dami Dupri

Dami Dupri

I eat, sleep and drink sports. You can catch me dissecting all kinds of sports at a sports bar or pub near you. Did I mention I am a part owner of Manchester United F.C.(I wish !!!)


  1. Fabiansku IMO was the MOTM, pulled out fine saves, and helped relieve a lot of pressure on players and fans. Only problem was he was always very quick to come off his line.
    was arshavin present in that match at all??
    but yeah thanks for the props hehhe all my “manure” fans have been hating saying its cos they were one man down..
    we need good team spirit like this..
    Our next games r just with average teams, so i’m sure we would keep the 2nd position.. Man utd hasnt played city and chelsea yet..

    Good to see fab back, except for the missed penalty, he did a good job..
    my boys r bizzack!! 😛

    1. “was arshavin present in that match at all??”

      Say what?

      Where were you when he tracked back to tackle Tevez at a crucial moment at the edge of the box.

      What were you looking at when he laid the killer assist (1-2) for Nasri to smash in the opening goal?

      Did you see he was the one with the weighted pass across to the right flank that led to Songhino’s goal?

      Yes Arshavin was present in the Arshavin way (drifting in and out of the game but producing moments of brilliance)

      Yes, again, he’s not in top form but he’s still very much crucial for the success of this team.

  2. @Dami, thanks alot for this post.

    I am a die-hard Arsenal fan but permit me to say that i feel a little dishonoured that a team which for 19 games prior to 2009 never lost to Man city and a team that tormented the whole of England in the early to mid-2000s is now celebrating a simple away win to a 10-man Man City.

    It’s a mixed feeling of pride and shame at the same time. I hope we dont make such noise again when we beat Man Utd at old trafford coz we did that even two years ago and this is the sort of performance we expect from an Arsenal team of the calibre we all know, week-in, week out!

    Proud Gunner!

  3. i’m not an arsenal fan, but tht game was bonzz!! well after everything sha me i knw tht there is still nuthin for them!!!! heeheeee

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