360Recommends: MI ft Waje – One Naira

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This is an exclusive to 360nobs.com. Nobs came thru with this one. Let’s just say he may not be allowed in the Choc Boiz Studios for a while.

Nobs' mail

We’ve risked it all for u to @ least make a plea to MI not to take a break from Music. The risk is all worth it cos the song is officially my favourite 2010 song.

One Naira” is a finished joint that ought to have been on MI‘s “MI2” album. It features the extremely soulful & taelnted Waje (I love u Waje)

Apologies MI, but this song is just too good not to be shared. (and pls forgive Nobs, i took the final decision)

Did any of u kats ever do play, stop, rewind… on a Cassette Player just to get the words out? Well I did and I was pretty darn good at it …looks like mp3 players ain’t that much different. Thrown in the lyrics for u guys as well…

If permitted and forgiven, the tagless version will be posted up later!

Yup! Get familiar!

MI ft Waje – One Naira – Link removed on request. (sowry u came too late)

We sincerely apologise to everyone especially MI for this our act. Truth be told, boss I think u need to reconsider your early retirement from Music. We need u!

Hey darling, I’m so into you
Cuz u see past what my revenue is
And love me for me, clever you
Leave you that is something I will never do
Other girls just wanna get rich quick
See them running things like olympics
Married men chopping them like biscuts
Their fast food girls, their fish sticks
But what we have is so realistic
No forming girl no filmtricks
I no go chop outside no picnics
Cuz u and I above the statistics
It don’t matter if I got ego
We got something we can build on, Lego
And even if your friends don’t say so
What do they know

Whether na one naira
Whether na one million
Baby you got me
Baby you got me. 2x

Your the only one that I see
Mu na gi na nu garri
Whether or not you get money
I’ll stay with you if you’ll stay with me

If you stay now follow chop kwakwa
When I’m living by the bay, takwa
Friends with oprah and obama
Guess whose going be my baby mama
And my wifey, precisely
Cuz u loving me when nobody like me
And you feeling me when nobody hype me
So when the money come you going be besides me
Your a diamond, your priceless
A lot of girls shine you the brightest
If you ever try to leave me like this
I’ll follow you like three blind mices
So here’s my proposal baby
Love me though the money is a maybe
And if your friends say that you crazy
What can they see


You know I love honey
If no be situation
If say I get money
Or better occupation
Anything you say you want to get I go buy
Anywhere you want to go we go fly
Just to show you baby girl
What you mean to me
Let’s take it easy girl
Till we get there
Things are hard right now lot of stress yeah
But I promise to always give you my best yeah
I put my right hand on my chest yeah
No money in the world can pay for
This feeling that I get when you say your
My girl I’m your king I’m your mayor
I’ll love you forever and a day more




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  1. “No money in the world can pay for
    This feeling that I get when you say your…
    I’ll love you forever and a day more”
    …real smooth lyrics.

  2. Oooook, everyone has said how good the song is, bla bla.. good Job. In my opinion this song was not stolen. MI has got to be in on this, or is it ur PR guys at work? So coz ure not doing music no more, u want to let ur songs out one by one…Nice move, una try small but cant fool me, its all too sweet a gist to be real…

  3. hmmm, stealing a song? will M.I be happy with this? Are you his friend?Peace the smart one, are u sure of what ure saying?Its a mad song, i must say, but then it is mr incredible!

  4. 1st post …omo una put like 10tags 😀

    well done on getting the exclusive. been watching u try 2 compete witht d older sites and it seems ur finally coming thru

    i duff my hat

  5. @ peace, im wit u on dat one..nuffin sells lyk controversy, creatin a lotta buzz and media attention arnd dis MI2 album aint gonna do nuffin but get peeps to TALK ABOUT IT…good laid back musik…wish i got a maybach…e for make sense die…lolz..im rocking to dis one tho i wld lyk to see a remix wit drums and heavy beats..sumtin lyk 10/10…bigup MI

  6. why cant Nigerians just listen to a song and comment on the song without making comparisons…. M.i started music b4 drake, so youz lot can like to talk about sumfin else

  7. That “exclusive to 360nobs.com” shit is sooooo disgusting! And irrittating to the ears. Pls get rid of it n come up wt better stuff!

  8. Bros Nobs, your convo with Oye at the start of this page is nothing short of embarassing. do you have any idea what Intellectual property means? somehow, i doubt it.

  9. M.I is a big fool. Its not his fault, because people are showing him support he now thinks he can usee a song to do shakara. abeg make he go die with the song.

    1. Other girls just wanna get rich quick
      See them running things like olympics
      Married men chopping them like biscuts
      Their fast food girls, their fish sticks

      i gez its dos lines dat are killing you…eya pele we undastand ur frustration..aristo oshi..lmao..I’m not going to get into a battle of wits with you; I neva attack anyone who’s unarmed.peace hope, hoping u will come correct nxt tym.

  10. Nice song but I think this whole ‘nobs stole MI’s song is total BS jo. We all know its for publicity… MI shld sha release the album fast.
    Then the 360 ‘knobs’.com that went on and on almost killed the song and I don’t mean that in a good way. Even if they wanted to put their ‘tag’ on it the least they could have done was make the tag sound nice, ahn ahn.. ‘TREE SIXTY KNOBS dot COM’… Kmt!
    I still love the blog tho… Keep the good work up

  11. @ Hope, where did that come from? M.I? a big fool? it probably takes one to know one. So maybe u should wisen up and understand that its more than M.I, its about Music, it’s about management, its about business plans, contracts, committments, its about business standards, and the right way to do things, its about piracy and the rights of an owner, its about a just society and Intellectual Property!

    @ MI’S FAN i disagree, with your publicity theory, except you have firsthand info. However, I agree with the fact that as if it wasnt bad enough they highjacked the song, they had to mess it up with that whack ‘tag’…

    @ Nobs, bros, nuff respect to you, please don’t make me say “enough!”.

  12. that una tag no be sexy something….if u guys do ever need in future, abeg make una try reduce am…even if it’s once in the middle of the song, it’s good enough..nice job

  13. Just spoke with an insider at Choc City. They are absolutely livid about this. This is no publicity stunt. But 360nobs you guys no try. If you had leaked the tagless version, it would have been useful to us and it would have been the same level of wrath you would have incurred from Choc City. Now you spoilt it with your irritating tags. Didn’t think there could be any tags more irritating than notjustok, but you guys have somehow managed it.

  14. wen eva i listen to this track,i always have deep thought cos nobody to sing it for.may be waje should come and marry me.dat is my best song in this year.

  15. Mehn! Wen i got dis song frm a frnd,i was lyk Goin Crazy 4d lines. Evrytin in dis song is jus perfect. As 4 Nobs i say tankz 4lettin me hear dis,dis early b4 d album,bt am not encouraing u guyz though. As 4d tags,it might b kind of strange 4oda bluggers bt i Luv it. If u guyz cud get dis luvly song out den u guyz deserve al d Tags!

  16. Ahn ahn!y can’t some human beings eva be appreciativ of gud works??evn a deaf man wud attest 2 d uniquenes and creativity embellished wit romance of dis song,one naira.abeg o jare.play mi dis söng anytym,anyday,anysituatn&i’d b al urs..lol cos d song is simply 2nd 2 none…Boomshasha!

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