360Fresh: Meet Nigeria’s Latest Singing Sensation – Funbi

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Motivated by the rejection of a girl he fancied as a high school kid, the choir boy, Funbi began penning down emotional poems which later earned him the nickname Shakespeare, however his lyrics were without melody until he met Silver Scott, with whom he began composing music earnestly in 2002. However his history won’t be accurate without stating the fact that he received his basic vocal training during his childhood career as a member of the Chapel of the light church choir, which spanned through 7 years.

His collaboration with music-loving chums from high school only seemed liked the fantasy of teenage boys, because they had no means to actually finance a studio recording, until his father paid for his first studio session and then in the university his hobby became a burning ambition – a calling he absolutely had to answer.

Funbi grew up in love with the music of legendary rappers like Tupac and Notorious BIG, until the sultry smoothness of KC & Jojo’s “All my Life” left an indelible imprint on his young mind – an imprint so strong that he went on to discover the music of Usher, Craig David, Trey Songz, Ginuwine, and even began to pay critical attention to some Michael Jackson oldies.

Signed to Top Left Entertainment, Funbi has already collaborated with a few industry heavyweights on some singles that are on course to take the world by storm.

Peep his 1st single called “Superstar” which features verses from Loose KaynonIce Prince. The cut talks about the desire to live the life and all that being a superstar entails and requires… the actualization of a dream.

Liking the track and the chilled out barz from both emCees.

Yup! Get familiar!

Funbi ft Loose Kaynon & Ice Prince – Superstar



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