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FloSmith (Docto Aiyk) is an up and coming fusion artiste based in Lagos with a focus on ‘sweet music’. He is a song writer per excellence, soulful singer, actor and a gifted acoustic guitarist.

As a very bright and highly promising young chap Aiyk as he was fondly referred to, had his first public performance at age 11 when he dazzled the audience at the launch of the St. Odilias Catholic Alter boys’ band at the Ojoto civic center. He was the band’s lead vocalist

Take the core of his influences like the melodious riffs of West African music; the lyrical genius of Bob Marley, while fusing tribal and ethnic riffs and rhythms with contemporary vocals and production techniques: and you have FloSmith

FloSmith has produced an organic mix of sweet, beautiful, powerful, soulful and enjoyable songs that take you on an emotional journey through the joy and despair of life, love, passion and heartache. As a performer, he likes to sing about things that affect him emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, and physically – how he feels about getting by in life and relationships.

Peep below the video and mp3 of his track “Brown Sugar“. Video was shot in Lagos by Bragging Rights Media.

update (09/11/2010): The video was premiered by Trace TV International 3weeks ago and has since been getting massive rotation on the average of three times per day.

The video also got nominated for the best softrock video at the NMVA [Nigerian Music Video Awards] so please don’t forget to vote.

Yup! Get familiar!

FloSmith – Brown Sugar




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