360Fresh: Ain Mosni …The Voice Of The People

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Hello… Good Monday! Happy New Week to Students and Workers; Happy Birthday (to Oye AKD and you beautiful people born in this day); Happy Hustle week to dem Ballers; Happy “I Got My Own” Week to dem Independent LayDies; Happy “Let’s Hit The Studio And Make Correct Gbedu” to you Ever-Talented Artists and soooo on.

…Do you know when your ears undergo a therapy and all you can do is Thank Baba God (Twale) for some artists and their talents? …Want A Piece Of It?…Let’s Go…

Ain Mosni – The Voice of the People. Ain Mosni – The Top notch rapper. An awesome package of intelligent lyrics and a rhyme delivery that is likened to Hip Hop veterans. A lyricist extraordinaire in every sense of the phrase.

His wealth of talent and intense story telling abilities has placed him on the lips of many fans across the globe. He has been dubbed the ‘Revolution’ in many hip hop circles! Formerly known as Rogueman, Ain Mosni was attracted to the Hip Hop music genre and was inspired to perform the arts by rap artists like the Notorious BIG, Nas & Canibus. Songs of the late Afro beats pioneer, and human rights’ activist, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, also helped to mould his mind in the area of lyrical content and getting messages across to the listener.

So there listeners, enjoy some of his tracks whilst we wait for the release of his mixtape due in few days.

You Say Wetin? You Can’t Wait…Watch This Space Then (Now Your are forced to come here every second-minute-hour-day …ntooor …ehhehe …Thank Me Later).

Hit Download-Press Play-Don’t Dull and don’t be lazy there’s love in Sharing…

Ain Mosni – Aye Le

  Ain Mosni - Aye Le.mp3 (4.6 MiB, 452 hits)

Ain Mosni – Get Up

  Ain Mosni - Get Up.mp3 (3.9 MiB, 412 hits)

Ain Mosni ft Pherowshus, Morell & K-Dub – Gangsta

  Ain Mosni ft Pherowshus, Morell & K-Dub - Gangsta.mp3 (4.1 MiB, 407 hits)



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  1. Love all the songs, dem!!, he is really good… i listened to his free style on face book and ever since, i just want to go back on and on to listen to more, me and my friends want to buy his mixed tape when its out pls… i also hope he did the free style into a song… (haba aboki) thats my favorite.
    i am proud of my paspo,naija boy you cant give me cash for!!… waiting and will surely get his mix tape once its out. Peace!!

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