Who are you???

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Who are you???
And I don’t mean your name
I’m asking, so I can find out, who you are deep inside….
The person you see in the morning, as soon as you wake up,
That’s who you really are!
Most of us have lost belief in ourselves,
So in order to feel satisfied, we strive to be somebody else
But look around you,
Our community needs more than just another copy
It needs originals (it needs you).
It needs people who can stand up and be counted
And not people who follow the crowd for the sake of it…

Again I ask “Who are you?”
What separates you from everybody else?
The sooner you get to understand that there is something you have that the world needs;
The better for you and everyone else.
The unique thing about being yourself
Is that you will always be the best at doing you.
Sometimes we feel like we have failed;
So we feel the need to pull on a façade;
(Hold on: I’m not saying it’s completely bad to pull a façade… but when we begin to live our lives without addressing issues that define us, then we are on a different road far away from self-realisation…. At least that’s what I think).

But before I draw the curtains on today’s discussion,
I have to point out that “you only start living life the moment you stick with your true identity”.
We are living in an age of “KICK AND FOLLOW”.
From the music industry to the government house;
We have too many mimic acts;
But truth of the matter is only those who strive to be different actually excel.
Everyone is born with uniqueness.
So, don’t hide who you are to please everyone else.
Be proud of your highs and even more in your lows
“Don’t let your circumstances define you, define your circumstances”.

Our community needs more than just another copy,
It needs originals (it needs you).




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