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What do Dracula, Nosferatu and Count von Count have in common? Ask anybody what kind of extra-terrestrial human you would want to be…. Most times, you are probably gonna get vampires as a reply….  It used to be wizards/witches, but African Magic has done a lot in convincing people that if you become a wizard/witch, you are gonna rot in hell for all eternity…. despite the best efforts of The-boy–who-lived and He-who-must-not-be -named in reviving the whole wizard/witch movement….

Here’s a picture to take you down memory lane, Count Von Count of Sesame Street…

From ‘True Blood’ to ‘Vampire Diaries’ and ‘Twilight‘ (talking about the books, by the way), vampire fiction is back with a bang.  It’s the newest “in” thing. It has spun a whole new revolution and sub-genre. We now have Vampire Romance Fiction, Vampire Crime Fiction, Vampire Teen Fiction…. We even have Christian Fiction based on Vampires….  Imagine the Left-Behind Series with vampire characters ….

So, why the obvious fascination with vampires by authors and readers alike?

I suspect it boils down to boredom with many other characters- hobbits have been done, the Lord of the Rings has been thoroughly exploited, dragons have been done likewise with werewolves…. Wizards/witches have been done “ad nauseum”.  It seems to me like vampires were the only thing left to focus on.  Readers want spectacular…. Vampires provide just that. They are immortal, extremely powerful and have special abilities… some vampires would definitely feel at home in the X-Men….

Vampires give authors license to go crazy with creativity. This creative license has enabled authors to redeem the nature of the vampire. Vampires were once portrayed as evil and cruel blood sucking monsters (Hello Dracula). Not any more…. Modern vampires now take the moral high ground…. They do not suck blood and are extremely nice except when you are attempting to make-out with their girlfriends…. Case in point “Edward Cullen”….  We have vampires who are clearly dangerous making efforts to be good (the classic struggle between good and evil).  They portray a cool factor. I have powers, I’m beautiful, but I have issues is always a good story to tell. This attracts readers(especially ladies as they love the whole excitement and danger), who want to fantasize about something dangerous, yet comprehensible…

So create a tall mysterious pale male vampire who isn’t like other vampires but lives for love and he is willing to forego his bloodlust to be with that special lady or else he might  harm her= bestseller and 50 Cent wont be the only one smiling to the bank….

A lot of things these days are created to heighten our imagination so much that we feel if we are not a part of it we are losing out on something.  Lifestyle is what is created.  Being a vampire or wishing to be a vampire is  now some what cool.  But you know, despite all the glitz and glamour surrounding them, let’s remember to be grateful that we are humans and able to reside in God’s abundant grace and mercy…….

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I am an affirmed bibliophile,not a nerd. Dictionary says a BIBLIOPHILE is a lover of books and a NERD is a socially dull and boringly studious person. See, there is a whole lot of difference. I am hustling for my first billion…believe me its hard….don’t know how I will get it but the important thing is that I get it. Welcome to THE BIBLIOPHILE.


  1. iThink the world is generally obsessed with the supernatural, you know the unbelievable and what they perceive impossible. Have you seen the trailers to these two new movies about the devil now? Now the world is trying to figure that out.

    But you said it best

    “Despite all the glitz and glamour surrounding them, let’s remember to be grateful that we are humans and able to reside in God’s abundant grace and mercy”

    And thats it in a nutshell.

  2. Make me a mutant anyday! Not just any mutant, but a class4 mutant wiv regenerative abilities and bones covered in adamantium.
    But seriously, y would I wanna be a vampire in 9ja with our kinda sun? Abeg o!
    As for the vampire ‘movement’, just like all before them, they’ll get played out and then we’ll return to humans. See there? Being human rocks, cos we spice up everything else, and endure after everything else 🙂

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