Which Qualification?

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On one of my earliest flights just fresh from training, flying on the Airbus 340-300 and feeling like one of the beautiful people, a passenger called and requested a glass of water which I promptly gave her, only for her son to ask for a can of soda. As she was travelling with two boys, I asked the second boy if he would like anything so I would not have to make the trip twice.

“That’s a rude thing to say to a customer,” she snapped at me.

Shuo! First, I am not getting my shoe replaced for another year so I have to be careful of wearing out the sole; second, na energy person go take waka the journey three times.

Then the woman said to her sons: “This is the reason I want you to pay attention in class so you don’t end up like this.”

At those words, something exploded inside me but I kept it together and went to get the drinks.

Somehow I forgot to tell them not to open the drinks for another hour, as I had given the cans a really good shake before leaving the galley.

I am not a vengeful person; I just like to help Karma along. I smiled as I handed them the drinks and quickly walked away.

My smile grew wider as I heard the pop and fizz, and I imagined the look on Her face as the contents of the cans gushed out at them.

I may not be University educated, but I have my Street Creds and in my line of work, sometimes that is what you have to fall back on.



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  1. That was smart of you.
    Street Cred can get you out of some many wahalas.
    There was this time,a friend of mine back in school invited the girl he was ‘chyking” out for dinner but instead of coming alone or with a friend,she packed 8 of her friends.
    They 9 ladies ate and even ordered ‘take-aways for their flat mates.
    Dude excused himself to use the gents and from there went back to school.
    Dude,said ‘He did it for all mankind”

  2. Guys, Thank You!! Glad y’all like. If u miss the ‘philanderin’ tho, check in next Friday. Before then, let all the other writers/columnists/contributors keep u company.
    It’s how we do on 360nobs – somethin (or more) for everyone.

  3. lol.i do not support vengeance, but dt was sweet.were u speaking broken cut and join and english that she thought u were not educated?duh some women can be so stupid

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