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The Debaters is back!

“The Debaters”, a TV reality show produced by Inspire Africa returns after a successful debut in 2009 in partnership with GTBank.

Watch our 14 Talkmates, a unique blend of 7 Ladies and 7 Gentlemen talk their way to fame and fortune in a bid to be crowned “The Debater of the year 2011”.

Week after week, you will be able to view the debating prowess and follow the fortunes of these young, talented and motivated adults and future leaders as they discuss the pros and cons of important societal issues in Nigeria.

More than just a reality show, The Debaters allows viewers the unique opportunity to follow, week by week, the behind the scenes progress of the chosen Talkmates as they are groomed for success.

Watch “The Debaters” and vote to keep your favourite Talkmate in the Talk Academy.

Showing On:

Africa Magic: Saturdays 8pm

Silverbird Television: Sundays 8pm

Channels Television: Monday 7pm

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Oratory, the Power to Change!



Our team consists of a mix of the GOOD, the NAUGHTY and the most BEAUTIFUL people, just the way YOU want it served. We always have something to say whichever way you look at it. Appreciate us, Love us, Hate us (NOT) we are bound to crack you up whichever way.


  1. The Debaters is really inspiring…the judges are wonderful, the moderators gosh great and the participants just too good.

    Kuku and Olumide were astonishing. Keep it up.

  2. watching the debaters greatly inspired me and is the best reality show coming from Nigeria. the Talk mates are good particularly the remaining talk mate in the house. And there’s something about Olumide that i Love and her method of presentation. its my bet shes going places.
    The Judges are just too much; their criticism are well articulated and will love to meet them.

  3. All the remaining debaters are good but in a competition,a winner must emerge.I did not give Arit any chance from the begining but i’m impressed by her passion and charisma towards her defence and presentation. More grease to the elbow of the facilitators;highly educative and inspiring;a good step towards a better tomorrow.

  4. Wow, the Debaters’ is an awesome programme! Keep up the good work Mo Abudu! I thoroughly enjoyed all the episodes of season 2 and voted for my favorite when the opportunity presented itself. I’m already looking forward to Season 3. It’s highly educative and it might just be one of the ways that this great country, Nigeria will be salvaged from the shackles of bondage imposed by our fraudulent leaders.
    I do wish to state however that there were certain inconsistencies in the programme towards the end. Why were the rules changed? Why were the voters denied the opportunity to vote for their favorite given that the last 6 standing had crossed all the hurdles and all had an equal chance as the other to win?
    On the premise of programmes like the Apprentice; West African idol; Naija Sings; Dancing with the Stars, etc, there has to be elimination otherwise a winner would never emerge.
    Out of 14 Debaters, 8 had been evicted and two more were to go to leave four standing. Why did you leave 6? Chinedu and Femi would have gone, and this is the name of the game. Believe you me, I have nothing against these brilliant minds but it’s just the way it is.
    I do hope you’ll stick to the rules in season 3 no matter what. All the debaters are Champions and i duff my hat to them. I have been greatly inspired by all of them. I pray God will bless them and open great doors of opportunities for them as they get back to continue their journey.
    Congrats Chinedu! To Olumide and Ibipo, you blew me away with your intellect and finesse. You are truly Divas of oratory and you are going places by the Grace of God. Best wishes!

    Yemisi Ayoola

  5. I must first of all commend the organizers and sponsors.Each time i watch the programme, i see a new Nigeria evolving from the one i am use to know. All of the debaters are really talented and intelligent. Sometimes, it was not how they were said that really thrilled me, but what was been said. These guys have done a fantastic job. I am proud of you all. Programmes like this will go along way to reshapen our image and reorientate our youth that with their gifts and talents, if properly developed, they can make a positive impact. Kudos to all the judges.Most especially my name sake, Prof. karen- king Aribisala. Cheers

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