Tailor (Laurent).

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As wedding season approaches, and the very pricey aso ebis….N35,000 for a couple of yards of fabric? Seriously? Who sets the prices anyway?

Back to my story, as you ladies know and a couple of gentlemen, finding a good tailor ANYWHERE is a mission. Let’s not even start with the little Senegalese tailor in the wilderness where I live, talk about messing a sister up two days before my besties nuptials. All was salvaged though; after all I am a fashionista.

Having exhausted the referrals to horrible tailors, I resorted to trying to find some of the so called ‘Nigerian Designers’ the big named ones. I will not name names now. After much enquiry, I finally got word; I skimmed down my facebook message. Did I just read right??? N300, 000 to make an outfit. Before I keep typing, let me convert that to dollars, $2000. I was and I am still presently gobsmacked. Thinking it was a mistake I wrote back, of course the reply came late, N300, 000 it was and the tone of the message stated, if I didn’t like it, I could look somewhere else!  Well, it was implied.

Complaining to one of my Lagos friends was met with a huge hiss ‘Tinu why are you complaining? that’s even cheap. What were you expecting, she’s the biggest designer in Lagos at the moment and by the way, won’t you pay the same for a Lanvin Dress’. ERRR nooo, I have priorities bills to pay, fuel for my car (have u seen the gas prices lately??) and sugar daddies are so passé!!!!. I mean come on,  I love fashion and I love to look good but $2000 for a dress I’m only going to wear for ONE day is a bit much, don’t you think??

I’m really not trying to knock any one off their hustle, if anything, more grease to Nigerian designers, but the pricing is rather ‘much’.  After further investigation, I discovered certain pieces from a highly sought after designer can go for up to N800, 000. *holds chest and faints, wakes up and faints again*. That is almost one million naira. HOW!! WHEN!! WHY?? And who can afford these crazy prices. I hear so many people arguing about International designers and their prices, puleaaseee that’s why they have capsule lines. Marc Jacobs, Chloe and Armani all have it. Affordable versions of the actual collection. $300 for a Marc by Marc Jacobs dress and I can call it Marc Jacobs, God no go vex!

So I guess I’ll be running back to my Senegalese man!! Or better still when are the sales?



Galactic Musings: a very 'unladylike' view to fashion. Working her way up the fashion industry, Tinu Adesugba definitely knows what she's talking about. She has been living in Vancouver, Canada for the past two years working hard on her fashion domination by day and as a twitter addict at night.


  1. …I have had dis same tot nd I think its absolutely ridicculous…d effizy in dis country is 2 much jo
    U got it rite d international designers make affordable versions ohh
    No b small hold chest faint nd wake up nd faint…haba 800k for cloth

  2. You just reminded me of secondary school days when we used to say “tailor laurent” as a “designer” name.

    So on this matter of over priced naija “designers” And that is using the term designer loosely because frankly most of them do not do any designing, all they do is take credit for the hard work of their tailor Morufu in yaba who simply copied a style they showed him out of a magazine.

    Now i know some of them are good, but a whole lot of them are just on a straight up swindle.
    Oh and the ones that now try, the prices?
    I was @ the Deola Sagoe store last year and a pair of jeans cost #72,000. For why na? Really? Jeans?
    When i have Filenes and TJ MAxx selling 7 jeans and such for $30? Abi does she have gold shavings in the denim?
    And even at that price the store keeper was the lousiest person i’ve met in a while. Exhorbitant price + stupid service = fail.
    Thank God for my little ghanian tailor who will come to my house, take my measurements, i show him the style in encomium, he will sew finish and even bring the cloth to my house and i give him his 4k for one dress and he will even pray for me on top sef.
    Nonesense and concobility.

  3. You had me laughing. Thank you so very much. I have not laughed today at all.

    Well, you need to be like me and ask Mizchief for the name of her tailor sharpish.

    Oya, mizchief, please pass the deets for this ya tailor. Where are you sef? No matter, wherever your tailor is I can send him clients, just make sure you get your cut =)

  4. I was just tinkin bout tailors too tis mornin,talk bout coincidence.. And our Nigerian designers too,na wa for dem oh! But I tink I’m wit solomomsydelle and I tink u shld go wit mizchief’s ghanian,dat way u can be ur own designer(copy a style out of a magazine).. Don’t forget to give him a deadline 2wks b4 the actually wedding sha..

  5. Mizchif, abeg where U dey, because I can walk to Filene’s & TJMaxx form my appartment and if we are in the same city, I need ur tailor’s # sharp, sharp!!!

  6. YES!!!!! you just made my day 🙂

    You’re back. This was very funny, most importantly very true!!

    Please keep writing and entertaining us. Better yet, please start your own blog!



  7. Very very entertaining!! thank you for making 360 nobs worth reading!!! YOU ROCK.

    p.s- i agree with YinkaT – please get your own blog!!!

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