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Children are adorable, aren’t they?

But when these precious little angels go from cute and cuddly to mischievous and naughty, what do you do to instil discipline?

And how far is too far?

In this episode, Mo tackles one of the most sensitive issues in the world – disciplining children.

Listen as celebrities talk about their upbringing, and share their fascinating views on raising kids.

Mo speaks with the legendary Charly Boy on his upbringing and his views on raising children.

Mo and Radio presenter YAW discussing his upbringing and how it shaped him.

Then, we critically examine corporal punishment and attempt to answer the ultimate questions:

Should children be raised with more love or more discipline?

Should kids learn the hard way or the easy way?

Does this make or mar them?

How do we find a balance in raising our children?

If you are a parent, an aspiring parent, or you’ve ever had to baby-sit a child, this is one episode you can’t afford to miss!

The ‘IS THIS LOVE?’ episode would be airing on TV (MNET WEST) for the following days Tuesday, September 7th for 9.30pm as well asWednesday, 8th at 2pm and Saturday, 11th at 2.30pm.



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  1. Why do people feel the ned to separate corporal punishment from love? I was bulala(ed) growing up and was told it’s because my parents love me. Today, in retrospect, I see the truth in all of that. Given half a chance I will toe the same line in raising my kids.

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