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My phone rings, and though the number seems familiar, I can’t quite place it. “Hello” I said cautiously. Although tiny and uncertain, I recognise the voice and my throat constricts. I can’t speak, my heart is racing, my mind blank and my brain is in overdrive.

A voice I never hoped to hear again! Let me be the first to say that I messed this one up big time, albeit inadvertently (Read ABP Hunter). Back in the day we had our songs; the two minute calls to say ‘I miss you’ and the sms to say ‘I’m thinking of you’; we had walks and Okada rides; popcorn fights and burps in the ears; we had the Moon and stars. Then I blew it.

I digress…

“Hi, I don’t know anyone else to turn to that’s why I came to you.” She said in that small voice. “What do you know about abortions?” I thought my brain was in overdrive before? One word: Superwarpspeed! She explained how she had been ‘taken’ by a beast of a guy she thought was a friend and later found out she was pregnant for him. She had called him, and he took her to a Doctor friend of his. Not wanting anything else to do with him, she agreed to an abortion. That was three weeks ago. Now she is scared because she is still bleeding. “Lemme call a friend and call you back.” I told her. I have an old school buddy who is now a Doctor and I gave him a call. After discussing with him I gave her a call back to meet me the next day so she could get an ultrasound scan to determine what next.

We are sitting in the hospital waiting room. The scan shows a ‘residual’ something or other, and she needs an ‘evacuation’. We get called in, make the monetary deposit and she is whisked off to the ‘theatre’. They are gone for almost one hour – the longest hour of my life – and I was beginning to worry when the doctor comes out and tells me everything went well and that I will be able to see her as soon as the Nurses are done cleaning her up. It was another fifteen minutes before I was called in to see her.

“She’s still groggy from the anaesthetic,” a Nurse tells me. I am standing there looking down at her and wondering how we got things so wrong. Asking how things like this happen to such defenseless people. “Hold her hand nah!” another Nurse barks at me. I take her hand in both of mine and tell her she will be alright. “Why did you break us up?” She asks. What?! We’ve just been through this and she’s asking why we broke up? “While I may have broken us up, I waited a year for you. One whole year and not a word.”

“I have loved you since. Always have, I guess I always will.” Silence. “Think there’s any chance of us getting back together?” I ponder that for all of 2 seconds before I say “That ship sailed over six months ago. It may not have sailed far, but it sure has left the harbour.” More silence. “She’s a lucky woman.” “No, I am the lucky one.” A sob catches in her throat, and then she says “You are a good man.”

I am home playing video games when I hear a key in the lock. Must be my girlfriend, she has a set of keys. She walks in, continues right past me and does not say a word – usually not a good sign. Not looking up from the game I say “Hey babes, how did your day go?” At that she rounds on me suddenly and screams “How could you?!!” I am thrown. What have I don this time? I am still racking my brain when she picks the PS3 game console and hurls it, cables and all, at the tv set. Still screeching like a banshee, she runs into the kitchen. “How dare you? I say how could you? After all we’ve been through!!! And you weren’t even man enough to tell me? You get a girl pregnant, your ex-girlfriend at that,  and you think an abortion was the solution? You could at least have told me! Imagine how mortified I felt hearing of your stupidity from my cousin who works at the clinic!”

Ever heard 1+1=110? Well that’s my girlfriend! Before I gather my wits around me to explain, she is running at me with a cleaver. I make a beeline for the door but it’s locked. I whirl round and head for the balcony while behind me she’s cursing and ranting. I miss my step, feel something twist and hit my hip against the balustrade. Next thing I know, I am over and on my way down. Her maniacal laughter follows me as I plummet down.

I am lying in bed sweating, my heart racing and my phone is ringing. I reach for it and it’s my Blackberry curve. It felt just right and the ringtone ‘I’m a flirt’ is the proper volume. I look at the number calling me, take a steadying breath and say “Hello, how are you? Sorry I won’t be able to go to the Doctor’s with you today, but if you have a pen and paper I can give you directions and the Doctor’s phone number..”



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  1. Hahhah, now that was super funny….true defination of the term ‘Inception’…
    You never cease to make me smile,always looking forward to your stories…

  2. This LITERALLY had me on the edge of my seat. Coz…not funny, not funny at all. I was waiting to finish so that I could call and ask why you didn’t tell me you fell off a friggin balcony!

  3. A dream within a dream…true inception. It was a sign and u wisely followed it. This was really gripping, here I was thinking that u had hurt urself…awwww lol but NOT!

  4. OMG…. Speecchless and spellbound are the only two words on my mind now. when i’m recovered, i’ll com critique….it’s a promise

  5. Weeeeell, how could you? Really? Expect to sleep soundly with that kind of drama brewing on pressure point? Who does that? Teeheehee!!!!
    Vivid description though, well crafted!
    * a wink and twelve smiles*

  6. Your brain….impressive…some people have amazing abilities that make me wish I could see their brains’ inner workings and just became one of them.

  7. Wow…now this got me really laughing out loud at the very end. Kudos man…you should do a compilation of all your blogs and publish it as a book. You’ve got what it takes.

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