In the presence of Marafiki.

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If you’re reading this,

It’s because someone read it already, and thought it was alright for you lot to read it.

Just so you’d know, up until Wednesday, I had no idea of what you lot were going to be reading

And truth be told, I wasn’t even ready to write about anything

Because lately, I’ve been feeling stressed out (preparation for university and living in a commercial city is just stressful)

So when my friends said we should hangout on Wednesday, I was down for it…

Mainly, because I had nothing better to do….

So I went, with an intention of just spending my money and going straight home to face the same wahala (trouble) that was bugging me.

But when I was with my friends, I noticed something;

That minute (hours actually), I realised how blessed I was to be surrounded by people who loved me

Because for the time I was with them, everything that was bugging me at that very moment, just disappeared

Even though hanging with them didnt really solve the problem,

(Truthfully, we don’t just have friends so they solve our every problem, sometimes all they have to do is take your mind off that problem for a little bit, and that might be all you need because that’s really all they could give).

So my mind began to meditate on the evening, and I realised that we have different friends for different purposes but in the midst of this diversity, they are all in your life to make you happy.


I guess what I’m trying to say is that we should all appreciate our friends in the same way.

So I thought about this “I will be a good friend to my friends so they can be even better friends to me”.

(It might sound like an ulterior motive, but it’s a win-win motive)

No matter how much money you have, it doesn’t make any sense to be lonely

Or surrounded by people that are just phoney,

So, I guess what today’s article would be about:

It’s about us appreciating people,

It’s about us trying to better ourselves, so we can be surrounded by even better people

They say real recognises real

So if you are real to yourself, you will be surrounded by only real people….

On this note, I hope we stay blessed as we become friends to the friends that are friends to us….

P.S:: Marafiki means friends in Swahili



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  1. I so agree with your statement, there are friends to borrow money from, friends to lend to, there are friends you cry to and friends you tell all your secrets too. The sooner people realise that the better. I think friends in their different categories are a blessing

  2. Very nice read…all I can say is we av to be the change dat we want.lotsa bad experiences with friends bt givin up is not an option..

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