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Have you read anything by Dan Brown yet? If not, you are better off starting with “The Da Vinci Code” or “Angels & Demons”. Though average reads, they are far better than his latest work, “Lost Symbols”. Unlike his previous works which were focused on the Roman Catholic Church, Dan Brown has joined the bandwagon and decided to cast his gaze on the Free Masons … illuminati

The novel is set in Washington D.C and like his previous novels, involves the character of Robert Langdon. The story takes place over a period of twelve (12) hours. Robert Langdon has been invited to Washington to speak at a conference. Events take an unexpected turn. An alarming object coded with five (5) symbols is discovered in the Capitol Building which Langdon decodes to be a summons into a long-lost world of arcane wisdom. The kidnapping of Peter Solomon pushes Langdon into an arena of Masonic secrets, hidden history and enigmatic codes.

The plot is quite similar to that of “The Da Vinci Code” complete with the characters and building settings. I had this feeling of déjà vu while reading the book.  Dan Brown makes no attempt to produce something original. There is no new character development, Langdon is still the same down to his Mickey-Mouse wristwatch, and he employs the same plot and storyline…. In another world, he would be accused of plagiarism. Unlike his previous work, where he is a 1-man-army attacking the Catholic Church, he takes a different approach with “Lost Symbols”. He makes no attempt to disguise his admiration of the freemasons…. He comes out sounding like a groupie.

On the plus side, it doesn’t require much of an effort to read.
My advice, except you are a die-hard Dan Brown, you are better off spending your money on something else.

You can get this book at the Glendora Bookshop@ Falomo (Ikoyi) for N2500…. You can follow me on twitter @dhame_lawal for updates about this blog.



I am an affirmed bibliophile,not a nerd. Dictionary says a BIBLIOPHILE is a lover of books and a NERD is a socially dull and boringly studious person. See, there is a whole lot of difference. I am hustling for my first billion…believe me its hard….don’t know how I will get it but the important thing is that I get it. Welcome to THE BIBLIOPHILE.


  1. Hmm. I like the book sha. You are right, its pretty much the same plot as the other two, but I think this book has more suspense and “action” to it. The other characters play bigger roles in this book that they have in the two previous ones, and I think this has the best villain of the 3.

  2. u re wrong.Dere was someting new about dis book. Dere was no all knowing herione character unlike da vinci code and angels and

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