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I’m thinking maybe next week, we should just skip the main house and just gist about the barn because that’s where it’s going down.

We asked for drama right? But we got extra, way blowing out of proportion! Just a hint, it was an eventful Tuesday.

After the eviction, wow… that was some serious warning from Biggy (She-ggy) against violent behaviors. I guess that’s in correlation to K1’s disaster and Meryl’s outburst last Saturday ready to murder K1… sorry if you missed that!

Sorry if this is loads but a lot happened that I couldn’t afford not to write about them all.

MONDAY 13th September 2010
Paloma must really be ready to impress, cleaning up the barn like that will win her the money. To the extent that the barnmates thought She-ggy gave her a secret task to expose their uncleanness.

BTW Jen needs to really sit up because Meryl isn’t feeling the love that much; she had to nominate Jen and surprisingly Jen nominate her as well… how real (sarcasm), they are so into the game!

Munya wants to meet his (Zimbabwe) president, he is really using Big brother as a wing to fly so high and achieve loads… mmmmm!

Hannington didn’t wait long after Sheila told him off last night; he was already unto the next… Tatiana of course! Thank God for their improvised Jacuzzi.

Why was Paloma still bragging slash lying about getting a gift for cleaning the house? Hannington felt cheated and told She-ggy he deserves one as well for taking care of the barn.

TUESDAY 14th September 2010
Jen versus Munya… let the best win!

Paloma got a visitor, her sis, Chibesa… Awwww!
Did I hear they have unresolved sibling rivalry? No wonder she asked She-ggy “why Chibesa”… Pls no drama!

What’s with Uti and the HOH drama, going about acting like he won a lottery or needed to be bowed down to? Can’t wait for his reign to be over.

The barn on fire:
Hannington went Chris brown on Lerato! Well not to that extreme though!

It started as a discussion, then an argument resulting in Lerato walking off into the barn and Hannington throwing comments like them not going to be babies. Which Lerato heard and flared! Came back out and it turned into (Hannington) pushing and pouching ish…

The Fight:
Watch this

That reminds me where the hell was Code that Sheila had to be the one stopping Hannington? Of course he was there…!

Later on Hannington apologised to Lerato in tears, saying he felt attacked… what b***shit! Paloma couldn’t shut up, just let him talk and he was just accepting his wrongdoing and apologising…

Things in the barn haven’t always been this dramatic and un-forgiveness… what is going on?

I’m surprised Sheila didn’t cry after crying for Mwisho almost hitting Meryl… guess she was more angry than teary!

My bro Nobs is so crazy about Sheila; I had to like force him to notice the rest of the house/barn mates. He finds her so gangster. She was like “what you just did here nigga, you lost yourself”… Damn, that was so gangster! She was so straight and not mixing words and threw it back at Hannington.

Hannington should just apologise and stop spoiling the apology by using the wrong words & giving excuses and reasons.

Sorry Cutie, you can’t take it back… the harm is done. It’s in your record!

That means Sheila and Tatiana might end up the ones going back to the main house as I thought Hannington would have made it to the top. But now, let’s hope Africa is more forgiving!

Code said Sheila also got him very mad, why didn’t he pouch her? Oh yea, because Hannington had to pouch Lerato! What a fuss?

Earlier, Mwisho fought Uti (not literally tho) over taking initiative in giving out food and voicing it to She-ggy without consulting his follow housemate… this HOH thingy must really be getting into his head!

What a day!

WEDNESDAY 15th September 2010
Yesterday Hannington was talking about how he didn’t want to leave a permanent damage and it being in his history. This morning he was talking to Biggy slash She-ggy about contemplating leaving the show soon.

Well I got news for you, the longer you stay, the probability of you redeeming yourself. Well a bit… try to see if you can win your barnmates back, you are a good guy, don’t walk away from this. Anyways, that’s my opinion.

Lerato is still hurt, angry and don’t want to talk to Hannington; but I think he deserves a second chance. For God sakes they were very close… he shouldn’t have!

Biggy advised both Hannington and Lerato to see a professional, which they both agreed. She-ggy addressed the barnmates on situation of things and that they should endure in the healing process. That includes everyone staying sober, well not if there are still drinks in the house but She-ggy won’t be adding any booze in the deliveries.

Chibesa sudden exit:
She only spent one night only, contrary to the two days normal visits. The fight might have resulted to her being kicked out so early… not cool! The guys liked her and wished she was the one in the show instead of Paloma.

I guess the barnmates needed to heal without distractions.

Paloma on Hannington still talking about same thing, I’m impressed he didn’t say anything silly because that would have made his situation worse.

All the barnmates were chatting outside the barn including Lerato, but obviously Hannington got the hint he wasn’t invited in the general conversation and couldn’t help but doze off.

21.53 Code talking girls and dirty…. Mmmmmm that’s a first… first-ish!

THURSDAY 16th September 2010
I needed to catch up on some sleep, barely slept last night! But before that, I decided to check up on them.

Hannington should be grateful to Code because despite the girls turning their backs on him, he still got someone to talk to.

10:35 (11:35) Lerato and Hannington got a professional visitor. Was she a peacemaker?kidding! They had to play the tape of what happened, maybe just to make sure each of them are clear on what happened.

Please God, I hope this helps the situation; it’s more fun when the barn is peaceful.

BAYER must really be sold out, different colors of tees each day….

Anyways, is it me or is Mwisho’s English improving… thumps up!

Barnmates Diary sessions:
Tatiana confided in She-ggy that she knew Hannington was capable of what he did. She thinks he is arrogant and rude and was to be disqualified as stated in the rulebook.

She was really hurt, almost cried… oh, she actually cried.

Why was she stressing him leaving, was she scared of him winning or what? Well she said she wasn’t the only one questioning why he was still in the game, that the other girls were concerned…conniving!

I think he needs anger management sessions though!

She suggested they all pour out their anger on Hannington to help speed up the forgiving process. I think it’s a good idea provided he doesn’t fight back and get all defensive.

I must agree with Code, it seemed Lerato and Hannington were piling up negative vibes and chose an opportunity to burst out on each other’s faces; unfortunately Hannington’s was bigger.

She was really mad at Code for not stopping the fight and also angry that his reason was because “he didn’t want to get involved”. And yes, what if she didn’t intervene? He would have hit Lerato to the ground, Code watching!

She also talked about Biggy disqualifying Hannington… It’s like the Barn girls had a meeting about that?

Where is the love, people? Psssst!

She mentioned how everyone knew how Lerato talks; that it was best to let her talk or ignore her and that all Hannington should have done was walk away.

Lerato was emotionless… she couldn’t say how she was feeling!

All the girls asked for a sit down with Hannington…. Hmmmm this week was hand full!

Yea she was right about him going too far, they all fight and argue and throw words at each other, but not to this extent.

Meanwhile, for the first time the barnmates wagered 100% I doubt how they are going to pull that off. With alcohol off the list they can make do with anything else they have.

FRIDAY 17th September 2010
Hannington’s evicted?
Why did he have to wait till the last minute to talk to each barn mates, this is like what, Friday?

I really don’t get why all the girls were crying, they made it clear to She-ggy  (Biggy) that they wanted him out as he broke the rules. Maybe they all thought that would have made it easier.

Awwww, I am going to miss my CUTIE!

This is so scary; he is going to face loads of angry people out there. It’s already in South African newspaper, radios, everywhere. Lerato’s mum isn’t taking it lying down either…Scary!!!

Lerato wrote Hannington’s mum a letter but unfortunately she didn’t allow us a sneak peek.

Lerato Punished:
In as much as Hannington wasn’t right to taking things to the extreme, Lerato was provoking, annoying and rude. In summary, she was verbally abusive towards Hannington. As a result, she was punished.

She was to do the dishes for the remainder of her stay in the barn. Secondly she lost right to nominate for the rest of the game and may not consume alcohol.

She-ggy therefore lifted the ban on the other barnmates from drinking.

Mehn… what happened to the healing powers associated with barn?

Paloma will never surprise me! She exaggerated the height of the Arena game and screamed to be brought down.

I kept forgetting the main house…. Hey, don’t blame me, there was plenty drama in the barn that I don’t wanna miss.

Ok, here is a little something, Munya is the new Sherriff (HOH). That’s obviously if he survives Sunday’s eviction.

Serious discussions:
LMAO… the housemates were cracking me up, talking about circumcised and uncircumcised P****, Condom and Sex! That reminds me BB is rated 18, so is this musing…. Lol!

Mwisho suggested they pull their pants down to make their points clearer. Uti kept saying I have that and Meryl blocked her ears each time… though she was audible about the whole discussion.

Uti said without the cameras he would have shown them… I hope he is not confusing the B**** with the extra skin…. I feel I’m talking dirty myself ☹ sorry guys!

Meryl took it to another level talking about the clit. Asking them whether they prefer it hidden or unhidden…I’m getting confused here! Mwisho emphasized that the clit doesn’t do anything for them at all… that all he cares about is the Vee jay jay.

The gist became long and uncomfortable… I pass!

SATURDAY 18th September 2010
00:30 Paloma and Tatiana stayed up late. After the talk about marriage and pedicure didn’t help, they had to go into the diary room to disturb Biggy’s peace.

Tatiana told her boyfriend Oliver she is ready for marriage and Paloma confessed her wish to get married this year. They are evidently getting close again…but please it’s lights out!

Paloma woke up on the wrong side and was angry with Lerato not washing up and leaving the kitchen unkempt. Later that day, she offered to give Lerato body massage … mood swing (singing)!!!

Wow… for the first time, there was a DJ in the barn…. Yay!!!

The theme for the party was clown outfits for the housemates and carnival theme for the barnmates. See pic below:

Sheila and Tatiana were getting it on, like they purposely throw Hannington out to have time for each other. Fogu Tatiana!

After Tatiana tried her seductive moves on Sheila, Sheila had to find a way to really kiss her. She played a game which Tatiana supposedly lost, therefore deserved a kiss.

I thought Cody was more like her (Tatiana’s) brother. Why was he feeling and grabbing her? And what’s with the workout illustrations? Before that, they were all over each other on the dance floor.

Why was Tatiana all of a sudden concerned about Oliver, her boyfriend?

BTW what happened to Code’s wife, touching and pressing Tatiana’s boobs?

Seriously, necks and faces are all connected with workout, unbelievable!

I op they don’t find themselves in difficult situation…like 2geda! That would be an unpleasant scene…lol

SUNDAY 19th September 2010
Tatiana and Code… they should please not start something; what’s with the back rub again?

Oh… I forgot Code is the only guy in the house… so he is in deep soup!

Uti and Jen were the housemates with top nomination, but as the HOH, Uti replaced himself with Munya. Therefore Jen and Munya were the housemates up for eviction.

Hannington apologized once again, blamed it on the pressure of the barn and being in the game for 8 weeks.

Finally the result was announced, JEN was evicted!

Meryl hugged her and didn’t want to let go as they sobbed goodbye in each other’s arm; apparently they both nominated each other.

Now Meryl is the only girl left in the house.

Jen of course did her Kizomba dance for her fans.


Uti must not use swear word for 1week.

Jen in the Barn:

She entered Barnville stunned! With eyes wide open, called Juliette (the cow) a goat.

She was seriously running around with excitement looking for the other barnmates, both in the pool, everywhere. As she said that was the other house they have been talking about.

She didn’t find the letter Paloma wrote her early enough and was just sitting in front of Juliette crying real hard!

Awwwww…. Jen is really taking it personal, sobbing, talking to Juliette in Portuguese. She was so restless and wanted to go home.

On the other hand, the barnmates didn’t know how sad she was. When they finally opened the door for her; she sobbed away and letter embraced them and quickly asked for a smoke.

Whew!!! What a long week!!!

Munya is the new Sherriff (HOH). Let’s see what Barnville has in store for this coming week because with 5 girls in the house, that’s some hormone!!!!



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  1. The barn seems to be where all the fun is. I still don’t get it sha……does it mean that any1 can win (barn or main house)?
    Nice one babes.

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