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Week 8… it’s like 5 weeks to go right?

Ok, let’s get on with it!

The barn is hotter… that’s where the best are… Uti I think you should consider joining them or you are just on your own!

This week Biggy slash She-ggy showed the housemates that even as stars they can still be punished… for example for not wearing their microphones, K1, Meryl, Mwisho & Sheila were punished. Previously Uti & Mwisho were punished for playing violently.

Code told the barnmates that biggy had mistakenly shown the barn at a point during one of the eviction shows, so he wasn’t that surprised!

Why was Yacob messing with Code’s head… he was beginning to do my head in! Trying to convince him to see reasons why there was no point continuing.

MONDAY 6th September 2010

Happy Birthday to Uti’s mum… hugs!

The barnmates woke up to see Juliette the cow and the chickens gone, with the chickens replaced with chicks. The housemates especially Lerato, Tatiana and Sheila weren’t happy about that,

Sheila claimed not to remember her escapade with Hannington slash Cutie last week, though they continued with the kissing, cuddling and all that. That got me thinking… maybe with Cutie’s new hot look slash Mohawk, she had to fall for him or maybe she is just starving and missing Meryl and Uti… wateva, done cracking my brain!

Hannington must really be feeling cool with himself, like having Sheila and Tatiana all over him… Dude!!!

The exit:
Lerato must really miss mother flipping and the rest of the chickens. She kept asking to have them back instead of the chicks. No one missed Yacob after all; they couldn’t be bothered. They would rather mourn the chickens.

I noticed some changes in the house; the barnmates now have beds like bed frames. They must have cleaned up after Yacob… moved on!

Why was Uti and Mwisho eavesdropping on Paloma’s diary session, why were they all interested in her part of the story and rage over what happened between her and Jennifer?

Anyways, Sheila confessed her feelings slash interest in another housemate, someone Hannington was close to…that would be… Uti! Hannington couldn’t be bothered, he responded by saying “the ball is your court”.

Sheillington (Sheila and Hannington) are really kicking it. I thought she said she had a dude? They sleep on same bed now… well almost; she left him half way.

Be careful so you don’t get confused on this…. Ok, they were like taking turns or what?

Tatiana went kissing Hannington after Sheila, which was followed by Sheila fingering Tatiana. Sheila later went to kiss Hannington and then kissed Tatiana afterwards… WTF, rolling my eyes!!

TUESDAY 7th September 2010

Happy Mozambique Victory Day Jen!!!!

Today was a bit boring… yawn! Maybe we should wait till tonight Sheila, Hannington and Tatiana might set the mood on fire.

Seriously, Paloma needed a doctor because she was tired and weak… last week Sheila needed a doctor because her skin was acting up… do they do all that at home?

During the barnmates diary sessions they (especially the girls) revealed they missed the chickens more than Yacob… not nice!

Jen was to kiss Uti and Tatiana, Code in their movie task; let’s op that works out fine as Tatiana was worried about kissing her “brother” Code… in quote!

Yawnnn… why were they all absorbed with the task that they failed to give us some action tonight?

WEDNESDAY 8th September 2010

That Meryl and Jen have gotten so close didn’t mean they had to share their secrets to the detriment of their parents. They both confided in each other (well Africa heard) that their fathers abused their mothers physically.

She-ggy confirmed Meryl’s instinct that there was a change in her baby’s (Akila) life as she had developed her first tooth. Munya was also informed that his son (Malachi) has been discharged from the hospital and now healthy.

Hahahahaha…. Mwisho was really good mooing and crowing (his dagger).

Lol…. Sheila wanted to nominate the new chickens because they were having difficulties trying to relate to them unlike the old ones… very funny!

TGIF (in 9j)…☺

THURSDAY 9th September 2010

Happy Holiday!

Today didn’t really start that well… back to big brother tho!

Code got a visitor Eddie slash Edward.

Lol… sorry Meryl! Mwisho doesn’t have any take on you guys just yet. He said it would take like 6 months to say for sure where a relationship is headed. But Meryl has resulted to them being just good friends that touch each other.


Wow… Sheila is really in love with Uti to the extent that Lerato and Tatiana had to help her with a speech. But she is scared of loosing him as a friend or being rejected.

Why were the housemates arguing about the word sexuality? Maybe they just made up something to argue about in an effort to keep us entertained because I really didn’t see the point and Uti took it so personal… chillax dude!

FRIDAY 10th September 2010
Happy Sallah everyone!!!

I woke up to Arena Friday… every Friday is always a game day in big brother.

Uti became the new Sherriff slash Head Of House (HOH) and asked to be addressed as President Uti and didn’t stop at that, he laid down the laws every housemates must abide by or be switched!

Code and Edward were beginning to bore me watching Barnville, enough of that bromance already and try to involve other barnmates. Now I miss Bryan (Sheilla’s guest), he was more fun… ☹

Movie night:
That’s new!

It’s movie night both in the barn and main house. Nice She-ggy! Spicing up their day. She didn’t forget throwing in the popcorns slash snack and drinks. Not nice She-ggy, not even a peek at what they were watching. They all seemed so engrossed!

I really felt today was Saturday and was looking forward to the party… lol. I guess I’m loosing track of days… not good!

SATURDAY 11th September 2010

Munya wrote a love letter to his girlfriend slash baby mama… was that for real or good man strategy?

22.25 Still no party… not cool! ☹

Paloma Packed already… like she knew!

Cry Baby:
What the hell was wrong with Paloma? She is so pathetic… what was she on about? Mwisho must be so cursing under his breath. Seriously, why does she have to cry every time? Enough already, you can go home now! Yuck… crying and wiping her face and nose with her hands, I wonder where those hands ended!

The Mwisho and Paloma conversation turned into Paloma telling stories of her life…. I will pass on that!

Moving on… the barnmates were in good spirit, singing right in front of the camera and all… Sheeeeeet!!! I guess I missed the main party; I forgot we are an hour behind South Africa… sob sob.

Sheila should just stop wearing Hannington’s shorts, dude!!!

I’m not happy I missed the party. This week’s was weird and different; the theme being any character starting with the word P, the guys dressed like drag queens (Prostitutes) and the girls like dudes (Pimps)… still sobbing!

K1 called Meryl a bitch and sexually overused… mehn, this feud isn’t ending! She almost killed him… like she took out a knife. She-ggy had to intervene by calling K1 into the diary room where he spent the night… DRAMAAAA!!!

SUNDAY 12th September 2010

Eviction Show:
Namibian (Meryl) artist Damara Dik Ding performed Botswana (K1)… how weird! The two (Meryl and K1) don’t see eye to eye. Or maybe I was just wrong about the song!

Did Ik (Host) say Meryl proposed to Mwisho during the week, he was kidding right?

Scary… Paloma was seating next to Meryl. How the hell was she supposed to confess the swap…. let’s hope she doesn’t cry this time.

Recap: Meryl and Mwisho were the housemates nominated for eviction, as the Sherriff (HOH), Meryl replaced herself with Paloma. Leaving Paloma and Mwisho the housemates Africa were voting for.

Meryl wasn’t hearing any of IK’s jokes; she was too scared of loosing Mwisho…. Fortunately for her, PALOMA was announced the 8th housemates thrown into the barn.

Jen cries for every single person… yea they were close friends but sorry Ass (Paloma), unfortunately this didn’t last. She started laughing and smoking away less than a min later!

Finally borites (K1, Jen and Paloma) as christened by Meryl have been broken… and the midnight crew can officially welcome Jen.

Meryl must clean all the carpets in the house everyday for a week commencing Monday. I guess Paloma just wanted to punish her for taking her down.

Secret: smoked weed and wet her pants.

Welcome to Barnville:
With the look on Paloma’s face she must be masking her emotions or not in love with the initiation note left by the barnmates. They were busy playing games waiting for her to find her way in.

What… she almost killed the chicken? The barnmates had to let her in before she commits murder against the rules… catching my breath!

Well that’s it for now but before I stop typing…

FYI in 3 weeks two barn mates will be heading back to the main house. So don’t miss out on that drama… I guess things are going to get pretty serious, cant wait!!!

Tata ☺!



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  1. Awwww,missed bb gist mahn, watsup wit d sheila hann tati luv triangle,dats some mean 3some,lol. Kip it comn lyn. Wats munya stil doin in d house???Wat does africa like in d guy sef,maddd ppls keepn d guy in

  2. I am in far away Australia and does not have access to DSTV,but it still feels like home. Thanks for your weekly lowdown on Big Brother All stars. Keep the good work coming.

  3. Housemates demonstrate what usually happens in ordinaly life. Hannington and Lerato’s actions are not odd. The important thing is that Hannington appologised. We forgive him and I’m sure he has learnt a lesson. Lerato too should leave the Barn house.

  4. Big brother, you have good intentions, but some Countries have developed hatred for each other. This is unacceptable. I am sure Big brother’s objective is for African unity.

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