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It came as a surprise to most of the barnmates especially Tatiana and Hannington when Sheila walked into the barn. Damn, Tatiana was pretty scared of loosing out and Hannington looked lost!

Although Sheila kinda did contribute to breaking Tatington up in ways I couldn’t explain till later in the week; Hannington blamed it on having too much of Flirtiana and her being bossy,  and she (Sheila) did not break Lerato and Tatiana, they still got little love for each other.

With each housemate thrown into the barn, comes gossips of what has been happening in the house, Sheila being a gossip naturally couldn’t wait to let it all out and that’s after having some alone time, shedding few tears and it was on again. She told Lerato how Mwisho liked her “girly moments” with Meryl.

This week was a truck full, even Julietta (the Cow) got sick of all the happenings, fell ill and was taken out on a ride slash treatment.

MONDAY 30th August 2010

I am obviously not happy u r here:
Where were Sheila and Tatiana? Were they avoiding each other? If only Tatiana could put it in words, she would have just asked She-ggy to take Sheila home or confess to Sheila how unhappy her presence in the barn made her.

Lerato Shaved Yacob… like private shaved Yacob!
Lerato helped Yacob shave his hair and then lowered his pants a bit and shaved Yacob’s private part… Word! What love slash great friendship!

When She-ggy called her in for her nomination she asked Sheila to continue with the shaving, which Sheila couldn’t imagine and passed. Later on Hannington, asked to get the special treatment as well, but Lerato refused saying she had offered before but he rejected.

There must be some shaving competition going on as Meryl confessed to have shaved Mwisho… Right! The ladies are now taking the balls by their hands!

Munya now calls himself lion, captain… and more… how cocky!

TUESDAY 31st August 2010

Lol… She-ggy (Big brother) had to ask Uti if he was Paranoid, maybe because he accused She-ggy and everyone of nominating him so he would go from there, instead of just taking a time out for his fathers burial, which unfortunately for him has been fixed for November… I guess no chaperones, no celebrity stunts, sorry!

Now Sheila is in the barn and as usual always knows everything, like taking control over the contracting project they lost out on, now she was trying to lead the choreograph, that’s if Tatiana will let her.

Tatington’s history:
Tatiana stayed by herself tonight; this must be really serious! Sheila has succeeded. Why were they not feeling each other? Why the sudden change? Guess the word Sheila answers the question and the fact that Hannington has had a crush on her since day 1 or 2.

WEDNESDAY 1st September 2010

Sheila, Bryan and Flirtiana:
Sheila got a visitor, her ex-boyfriend Bryan a.k.a Smallz. That reminds me, what happened last week? Why didn’t Yacob get any? Anyways, given that Hannington wasn’t feeling Tatiana anymore, which we all saw coming, Flirtiana didn’t waste time jumping on Bryan, she begged Sheila if Bryan could sleep on the bed next to hers and after he did, she begged She-ggy to turn off the light, well, we will see how that goes!

Meanwhile in the main house, K1 was given a secret task to speak to only Uti for 24 hours; that was after they kept arguing and fighting, he complained during his diary session that it hurts his feelings when Uti calls him “Cricket” are you kidding me? When he kept dancing for Uti whenever he calls him that; now it hurts his feelings? He should have known better telling him off at first attempt, now it had gone far…. Sigh!

Yacob got tidy:

He was given a secret task to please slash be exceptionally kind to all the barnmates and make them thank him profusely twice after the barnmates especially Lerato kept complaining of his poor hygiene and manners.

He tried so hard to out do himself, including staying up all night to do the dishes and clean up the kitchen, giving things away and so on… interesting!

THURSDAY 2nd September 2010

K1 was really chatty during his diary session today, but in the end, I couldn’t remember a word he said.

Poor Paloma, she had to cook wif the boxing gloves on, but I didn’t see more of the shorts, were they too tight for her ass or something?

Good, Flirtiana got her groove back, at least a bit, getting close with Smallz, maybe not close enough, but can do for now. She was so flirty with Sheila’s ex and wasn’t hiding it; Bryan on the other hand accused the barnmates of setting him up with Tatiana.

Lmao…. Sorry guys, but Tatiana cracks me up, she acts funny whenever she gets confused with English, she keeps asking same question over and over after being explained clearly… She-ggy was so tolerant and has a sense of humor; I can imagine her laughing out loud herself behind those microphones!

Meryl feeling awkward and thinking she must have missed out on her baby’s growing up process, told Biggy in her diary session and later wept in the bathroom and called out to Uti to console her, why not Mwisho? Lol!

Tatiana to confront Hannington and he should be man enough to tell her to her face what the problem was, but it happened, he was the one that did the confronting; either ways, it sucks! U guys were more fun together, too much, yes, but something to watch!

What was that? Bryan asked Biggy if he could give someone money to buy more drinks as they were running out and needed it for their games… whatever!

Where the hell was Yacob? Not taking part, depressing himself even more… hmmmmm, I guess there is no remedy!

Was that Hannington’s short Sheila was wearing? Mehn… She-ggy, please send in some clothes for Sheila… special request from an avid erm fan slash viewer!

FRIDAY 3rd September 2010

Special diary session was organized for the barnmates to tap into their feelings on Yacob’s state of mind, voluntarily exiting the barn slash show.

Barn turned depressing: Yacob exit

Wow, it has finally caught up with him… he informed She-ggy that he wants to voluntarily exit the show. After some deliberation, it was approved and was advised it has been scheduled for Monday.

He must be kinda weird, he was warned not to tell his secret task, with She-ggy, saying and I quote “absolutely Not!!!” but he felt being nice wasn’t in his nature and needed to share his secret, like he was the first that has been given a secret task before… hiss! Maybe he felt the barnmates will see him as weak for being that nice… how yaranoid!

Awww… my Nerd will be gone soon ☹, there will be no doll to play with and make us laugh, leaving Hannington as the only guy… So sad! Yes, Yacob was always paranoid, especially of recent but he had something he adds to the show, says funny things, dances funny and all… will miss him… sob sob!

What was he on about the finale party, if he isn’t interested in the show anymore why keep stressing on coming for the party, like Hannington told him, he will be edited out of the show, someone will be hired specifically for that, there won’t be any trace of him being there, there would only be 13 BBA5 housemates… lol!

Yacob is cracking me up, he told biggy that paying him $5/6k was the only thing that will make him stay, as this was like a job and that no therapy shit can help, that sounds funny dude!

What will be left of the barn when Bryan leaves today and Yacob on Monday? Depression, I guess!

She-ggy made sure to cheer the Barnmates up, first was the Arena games then Chinese and all sorts, the barnmates really had a blast… that didn’t make Yacob change his mind though.

What’s with the barnmates and sharing slash begging for clothes, first it was Yacob after he announced he was leaving and now Bryan when he was leaving the barn.

The Kiss, Hannington at it again:

18:39 and they kissed… wow… Sheila and Hannington finally kissed, well she kissed him and yes they asked to be intoxicated, and they seized the opportunity to be intoxicated even more, in other ways.

He has started again with his games, this time with Sheila, maybe not touch, kiss, lick but something similar, taking her feelings on a cruise, well, didn’t know what it was, but she had to go to the loo, cutting him short; that was after luring him with the kiss.

After all the snubbing, this time, it was Sheila that made the first move; she was the one that started the kissing. But later they both took part in it, smooching and kissing on the couch while pretending to be having an interesting conversation… Poor Tati!

Lets take a break on the Barnmates, the house wasn’t all that interesting, the housemates were fighting to win back their 10% She-ggy deducted from the prize money as a result of the food strike earlier in the show, with Code and Paloma taking the lead and others finally accusing Munya of over stealing the show, nothing really was happening in the main house. What could be more interesting than the kiss?

Drunk girls night in Barnville:

20.39 were the barn-girls discussing the guys winnies? Like wanna see and measure them, especially Yacob’s. They even described it in comparison wif Lipton in water, Lerato seriously, how is that similar? Oh, like thin? They resorted in taking a glance and measuring with their imaginations, scheduling it for Saturday when they get drunk and in a party mood, and appointed Tatiana to be the ringleader; of course… but why the sudden obsession?

Love rekindled: First was the kiss, and now she snored away in Hannington’s hands/laps and he woke up occasionally to stroke her hair and stare at her face… Awwww, so Romeo and Juliet-ish!

Meryl the new HOH and she said it’s in the family… let’s hope the housemates get smart and nominate the 2 of them (Meryl and Mwisho) and see who she will save.

SATURDAY 4th September 2010

This kinda was the first time the housemates didn’t sleep so early; they must be in a happy slash chatty mood.  It was really serious that at 00.15am, the midnight crews in the main house were still in the Jacuzzi, Mwisho, Uti and Meryl and surprisingly, Mwisho wasn’t drunk… that’s new!

With the barnmates clearly having a Mother hen, Tatiana who is always caring for the chickens, they decided to name the rest of her kids based on their personality from mother flipping (the bully chicken), sister flipping, Whitey (the only white chicken) to Mac chicken. They must be bonding well with their barnmates, I ‘op that help them heal well when Yacob leaves.

Heart breaking memory loss: how could Sheila forget Hannington’s memorable moment they shared;  The KISS?

The theme for tonight’s big brother party night was Beachwear even Paloma kinda wore a bit of bikini, the girls were hot enough Jen and Meryl, at least she (Meryl) had that same Swimsuit on.

Poor Tatiana she was the only one in the barn up for the party, dressed up and all that, others were just watching the main house, thank God she still got it; let’s ‘op Lerato joins her. BTW, does Tatiana have a bra at all or maybe tape or something? Hey, I am just asking.

In as much as Lerato and Tatiana were the only barnmates that made efforts to dress for the party, others joined in the fun, excluding Yacob… obviously!

Ok, seriously what was that Paloma, u got the invite or rather the theme, u really didn’t have to change to whatever u thought was hotter, News flash, u were better in the beach wear than in those tight leggings and top, all for Uti or Mwisho?

Damn!!! Ass (Paloma) stop shaking slash over dancing with your ass! Was she high or something? Poor Munya he had to help her take off those sandals.

The party was hot, I caught myself dancing to the beats as well, mehn, the DJ wasn’t bad!

Yacob, Sheila and the barnmates had a fight:

Well, just the girls, cus Hannington was noticeably quiet.

I hope u die? C’mon Sheila, that was way too far… should we blame that on alcohol or call it a joke?

He said he can’t wait to leave on Monday and thought it was Big Brother worldwide when he agreed to be part of the show, duuuhhhh…. U didn’t research well? And that they were playing them… always paranoid! He must be really depressed!

Mehn, Sheila u really need to bite ur tongue, u said not even Yacob mother was voting for him… word!

Paloma and Jen fought about gossiping and talking behind her (Jen) back…hmmmm, why was everyone falling apart? I guess Jen was trying hard to be friends with the midnight crew especially the new HOH (Meryl)… strategy! Paloma should stop sending Munya up and down like her boy… well, he wasn’t complaining!

SUNDAY 5th September 2010

Eviction Show:

Just a reminder, Uti, Mwisho and Code were nominated on Monday, as the HOH Mwisho replaced himself with Munya, leaving Uti, Munya and Code being the housemates up for eviction.

Sammi shared his experience while he was in the game, he talked about his music, his barnmates, bromance (sammington) and will cherish the whole experience for the rest of his life and that he is in good hands now; get well soon sweetie!

This week’s HOH Mwisho had to tell the housemates he replaced himself with Munya, let’s hope he isn’t drunk enough to make a speech. Finally all he could come up wif was “Munya you are finished”, what a joke and seriousness.

You are safe for the 5th time Munya, so was Uti; leaving CODE the 7th housemate to be evicted.

Now I feel for Munya crying, he will be wondering why they keep putting him up for eviction, housemates and barnmates don’t know that this is why Africa has been saving him. The funny thing was that Uti got more votes, 8 countries voted for him, 5 for Munya and 1 for Code.


How come they didn’t tell him who nominated him, maybe IK (the Host) had amnesia… ☺

One housemate must crow like a cock and moo like a cow for 5mins for 1 week and he threw that at Mwisho.

And he had to keep his $1,000, as no one found out his secret (was celibate for 7months before meeting his wife).

Welcome to Barnville:

He is all of a sudden a happy person, but sorry to disappoint you Cody, the housemates had moved on, the barnmates locked you out, what the hell is going on? No one wants him.

We will see what next week’s got, hoping that Yacob doesn’t poison everyone’s mind… and Code helps Tatiana heal.

PS: Happy Birthday to my BB Partner Aisha Omotanwa Ibrahim.



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  1. very poor write-up! u just dont know when to use ur punctuation marks! i had to go over each sentence twice…it was very annoying, but this is the only place i get to read the full gist of whats happening on BBA5. well done! 🙂 *smacks ass*

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