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This week obviously can’t be compared to last week; the drama of week 9 is still on everyone’s lips. I wonder how Hannington (Cutie) is doing. Anyways, I wish him all the best!

Jen settled after her emotional entrance; she was able to wipe her tears, forget about getting laid, adapt to barn life and learn to milk Juliette.

This week wasn’t so drama free thanks to Paloma.

Is Paloma the new Yacob but a more dramatic one? I am really concerned because this is getting worse by the day!

Wedding bells!!!!

MONDAY 20th September 2010

Interesting Nomination:

I can’t believe Mwisho nominated Uti… WTH!!! Thought they were BFFs… unbelievable.

Wow… Munya, Nwisho, Kaone and Uti were the housemates with top nomination.

Paloma called Sheila confused, as she didn’t know if she wanted to be kissing and sleeping with men or women…. Ah, someone is loosing her friend (Flirtiana) to Sheila!!!!

It’s better K1 is voted out and not back into the house because he mentioned he would destroy the cameras if as Uti guessed, 2 evicted housemates be brought back into the house when they are down to the top three.

This is becoming some real suspense! Who is leaving on Sunday?

TUESDAY 21st September 2010

Musanyana as Jen’s ex calls her:
Thank God Jen got a visitor; she needs a bit of spark in her barn life. Johnny Maocha Jen’s ex and childhood friend visited her.

He was welcomed by all the barnmates. Code offered him “firewater” (alcohol) and Paloma served him breakfast, they were really happy to get a male visitor I guess.

Finally the barnmates were told they got only 2 weeks left and at least two barnmates will be sent back to the main house. They were all confused and awaken… game on people, fight for the money!!!

During Munya’s diary session he complained about eating like bachelors because Paloma is gone. What happened to Meryl always cooking at the beginning and fighting when others make their own food? Is Mwisho loads of work that she couldn’t take care of the guys and Mwisho at the same time?

Mwisho is ready to marry Meryl
What happened to waiting 6 months to define their relationship? Does it mean Meryl has to pay him to stop his escort job? I so don’t get!

But well the wedding slash engagement is holding Saturday and Mwisho’s brother or Biggy (She-ggy) is to get the ring. Interesting, is this part of the game or what?

So people, there will be an engagement party come Saturday…watch out!

Paloma spent more than 30 minutes in the diary room. As usual preached (long speech) and of course her father, Peter was mentioned in the gist. Like she read my mind, she suggested Sheila and Tatiana being the lucky people to go back to the house. At least she was truthful about not being part of the 2. Unfortunately she didn’t remember her long diary session the next day.

The housemates were asked to come down to watch greetings from home but for reasons I’m yet to comprehend, Paloma refused to get off the bed after much persuading by Lerato and Sheila… oh, she was drunk to stupor.

Drama queen!

Lerato and Sheila:

Code and Tatiana

Well Paloma was given a second chance and trust her; it was DRAMA filled!

Paloma and her father… this is getting really serious like everyday… Peter Peter Peter!!!!

Uti and Mwisho are falling apart each day, they don’t even talk to eachother anymore. To the extent Uti found companion in K1… But well, Mwisho hasn’t been that into Uti from day one.

The “to be” bride and groom are arguing already? See for yourself!

WEDNESDAY 22nd September 2010
After fixing the engagement party, the lovebirds had their first argument, as if that wasn’t enough, they slept on separate beds until K1 and Munya transferred him (Mwisho) to the bed Meryl was sleeping in.

Though most of the housemates think it might be about the game and it might not survive the outside world. Well, we got our eyes on them!

Wow…this will be the first wedding in Big Brother Africa House… fingers crossed!

Tatiana said she was going to get Johnny excited, x-ray him and take measurement. Don’t ask me, I don’t know how and when… oh, tonight!

She made no secret of her intentions

Waited, unfortunately Tatiana didn’t get lucky tonight, but the barn was still more fun. The housemates were all asleep before 10pm… Boring!

THURSDAY 23rd September 2010

BTW, Sheila can really sing… well, the much I saw!

On Wednesday, the barnmates were let in on what’s going down on Saturday. Most of them were taken unawares and shocked with disbelief, especially Paloma watched with disgust slash disbelief on her face, Jen seemed the most interested in the whole details. Here are their reactions

I hope they get the ring themselves because they might just make money off it when/if they break off the engagement… I’m patiently waiting for life after the house!

Finally Johnny left the barn, thank God! At least Tatiana will cut down the temptation.


Sheila tried to entertain us by dissing on the guys in her season she had kissed!

FRIDAY 24th September 2010

Girl fight
Mwisho will be the new HOH for next week if he survives this week’s eviction; that means Uti should better find his way back to his good book because he is definitely going to replace whosoever with Uti. Sorry dude!

Why were they acting like chicks and still not on talking terms? Oh yea, Mwisho said Uti shouldn’t talk to him anymore and he made it clear he wasn’t happy about Uti and Meryl’s friendship and how close they have become.

That reminds me; in the beginning of the Show I noticed Meryl liked Uti. Well that’s what I saw… she was everywhere in his face, maybe I’m wrong, but well!

I just hope Mwisho is not marrying Meryl to possess her so she can be far from Uti and the guys. I hope he can give her 30kids she desires. And I also hope Meryl knows she is marrying a drunk, now she is ok with it, later, it might be a problem… for better or worse init?

Unfortunately, this week Arena Friday wasn’t a game, more like a brain storming creative activity slash competition. Code won after not liking gardening and flowers that much and K1 won from the main house… impressive!

Uti apologized to Mwisho that means we have a best man after all… Yay!

Awwww… Uti is smiling again; I guess the MNC are back! He must have missed them pretty bad!

Code has gotten himself nicknames by his two friends and daughters. Tatiana calls him “Shorty boy” and Jen, “Papa”. He must be such a good friend to the two girls!

FYI, Hannington is back home and he lied about his secret. There was never a thing with his ex-girlfriends mum… I wonder which is a lie, the previous or this!

SATURDAY 25th September 2010

The Engagement:
Merylisho woke up not too excited but were able to think of new hairdos.

The attendees were Mwisho’s elder brother Robert, Meryl’s Aunt & Uncle and the rest of the remaining housemates.

BTW, was she actually drinking, like bottle in hand during her engagement?

Anyways, I’m really not so in love with her dress and hair… shoot me!

The whole stuff especially the proposal actually looked like a joke… so unreal.

The barnmates including her crewmembers Lerato and Sheila weren’t that impressed with the whole stuff. I guess there is no crew or conspiracy anymore, especially outside the main house.

The couple decided to spend their honeymoon outside, under the sky… at least something different from their “under the duvet” routine.

Thank God for the DJ that made the barn a bit lively.

SUNDAY 26th September 2010
The barnmates had a feeling that Meryl was coming to join them, so did I! I guess they can’t wait to clear her head and talk some sense into her as per the engagement.

We just have to wait and see, in 45mins everything will be over and we will have a new barn mate… ☺ (I need a bigger smile not this one, lol)!

The last and 10th housemate to be evicted into the barn was MERYL, funny enough I’m happy…don’t ask me why!

Mehn! the girls are all out, who is going to cook for the guys?

Uti kept saying it didn’t make sense… I don’t get, oh maybe he was thinking K1. Sorry, he is almost as popular as you are!

As the last girl standing, she was given the opportunity to throw 2 daggers.

The 1st was thrown at Uti, he is to lay the tables and make sure the guys sit for dinner together every night.

2nd was Mwisho, he must bake fresh loaf of bread daily for one week commencing 2mrw.

Meryl in Barnville:
OMG, OMG… and she missed Mwisho and that’s what she needs right now!!!!”

She had cigarette and lighter handy…. Surprised you forgot alcohol!

She was talking to (Juliette the cow) asking if she was a male or female, talking to herself and holding herself so hard from crying…

She kept calling Mwisho the whole time…well, she will be happy to continue with Sheila since Mwisho is not there. That reminds me, now that she is married, will she be cheating on Mwisho if she get it on with Sheila?

Lol, these barnmates are so funny, bringing out the foams, oil, eggs, sugar and stuff. Making it convincing that she was going to live there.

She asked for alcohol and/or an emergency diary session because she would die living there.

All you need to do is shed real tears and make sure the barnmates are watching and you will be let in…. finally she cried… Awwww!!!!

She was scared of Juliette getting up, not knowing she is going to milk her the next day.

Enough already guys! Can u imagine they were busy playing games… ☹ not cool!

Hahahaha… very funny, when they let her in, the barnmates pretended they didn’t know about the engagement, waiting to hear all she had to say.

Why was she lying that they didn’t plan the engagement? That the next thing they knew Biggy was calling them into the diary room and asking them if they wanted to get engaged and stylist coming in, family and stuff.  Tryna blame it on Biggy?

Anyways, Sheila found out from Meryl Uti feels same way about her and that he hoped Sheila and Hannington didn’t hook up. Too late! Now Sheila is scared of him finding out before she tells him herself… you should have thought of the consequences before, not after.

We need to watch out Meryl and Sheila; they were on same bed and under the duvet again… I thought the engagement was going to seal everything and make her straight-ish!

Before I leave you to that, here is a little something from CRAZY Tatiana to Code.

And hey, after this week there will be no more Barnville. I guess we should just get ready for some serious business and keep voting for our favorite barnmates. As for me, I am team Tatiana all the way…




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