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Greetings, my beautiful people!
Considering the fact that Nigeria’s Independence Day is in a week
I’d like to use the next couple of posts to pledge my allegiance.

Nigeria is going to be 50 in a couple of days
But in reality we have taken a backslide, economy wise and leadership wise
Truth be told; our children have lost faith in the society/system
And I really don’t blame them because when I was in primary school
They told us that WE (children) were the leaders of tomorrow
But yet today, men that are 70years old are still running for presidency
*Like seriously, there is something called retirement!!!*

Irrespective of all these, I’m going to close my eyes on the bad and see what we can make good
Because at 50 I believe we can change things
Even though a country is governed by one man
We need more than one man to make our nation great
We need a community of leaders
Isn’t it sad that the things being taught in history classes have been the same for the past 15+ years?
We need to add to that history
And I’d tell you how I think I can achieve that
How you can achieve that
How we all can achieve that.

In my opinion, in order for us to win, we have to become kings of our world
We need to be able to make our own decisions and then deal with the consequences…
Our society suffers because everyone is looking for whom to blame for their failure
(I’m also guilty of this).
But we can start today to make this nation great!
How, you ask?
When the next election comes, step out and vote
In case you didn’t know, it’s Cool2Vote
#EnoughIsEnough, we have done rallies like #LightUpNigeria
But now is the time for us to force the change that we need

Truth be told, children that are born into today’s society, think that the Nigeria they see is the best they can have, but that’s a lie cause I remember the Nigeria of 10 years ago
Maybe not as fantastic, but it was better than most of what we see today
Speaking with my parents I realised that the Nigeria they grew up in, is a lot different from the Nigeria that we are living in.

I don’t know about you but I’m ready to write my name in stone just so our nation will be better
There is no reason to point fingers, apportioning blames
Because in reality everyone has played their part in getting the country to where it is today
In the past and till date, we have had a couple of bad leaders and a lot of lazy citizens

But 50, is the year we change all of that, we have learnt from the past and it’s now time to lead our country to the greatness it deserves…




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  1. Yes im with u..and u have written well..we also share in d blame somehow..and its time to make things right..With God on our side i believe Nigeria is goin to get better…

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