…And They came for Me.

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‘Cunny man die, cunny man bury am’ is a saying I have heard so many times, and I am amazed at how relevant this cliché still is.

The other day during boarding, a passenger came on board with his entourage. Now, Oga was comfortably seated in business class when my attention was caught by a Customer Service Agent. Oga’s aide had four bags which we were happy to carry on board. Problem was, one of the bags was too big to fit in the hat rack and she was trying to get him to CoCo(Carry On, Carry Off) the bag.

I went over and explained as professionally and empathetically as I could only for the man to round on me yelling.

“I will not, underline, will not have any of these bags put in the hold!!”

“Sir, the bag may not fit in the overhead bin, but if you want to try you are welcome to do so,” I said.

“Okay go and try,” he said.

Not on your life! Look at me well well; what colour uniform am I wearing? It’s Cabin Crew, not baggage handling agents’ uniform. At least that was what I said in my mind.

I simply took three steps towards the galley, leaving him enough space to manoeuvre, smiled and pointed to a free hat rack.

When he tried and could not fit the bag in, he brought it out to have it tagged, smiling sheepishly.

The mulishness of some passengers never ceases to amaze and amuse me – in retrospect.

At the time though, I thought ‘They’ had come for me and a bit of cunning was required!



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  1. It just means people that annoy u have come again to test your patience.Nigerians mostly board planes with the most atrocious load or most unreasonably sized bag as hand luggage and expect it to fit in the overheadbins. Then they start struggling when it doesn’t fit. And almost fight crew members when if they are told to put the bag somewhere else for keeps. That’s why there are measurements of which bags you should carry on board.

  2. “When he tried and could not fit the bag in, he brought it out to have it tagged, smiling sheepishly.” That’s funny. The look on the dude’s face after all the shouting.

  3. lol with your explanation Franque I got it, but I really didnt get the pidgin at first.lol at least he was a good and sensible passenger. some of them will fight you to the last. lol look at that delta airline cabin crew guy, hilarious 🙂

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