…And They Bled Him White

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“Of all the wonders I have seen it seems most strange that men should fear, knowing that death, a necessary end, will come when it will come.”

This is one of the earliest quotes I remember from ‘The Valiant’ – a short story. And only recently I was reminded of how fickle humans actually are.

I was on a flight from Lagos to Portharcourt when we hit turbulence. While it was not a full blown, severe turbulence, it was above moderate turbulence: Drinks sloshed everywhere spilling from cups. I was on my knees in the aisle wondering how I got there. The airplane was bucking wildly.

Now, I have been taught that turbulence by itself never dragged an aircraft from the skies, so secure in that knowledge I got up off my knees and went about my business.

But not so my passengers! Between the “I shall not die, but live…” declarations; the speaking in tongues; the “We shall overcome” chants, it was a regular revival service at 32,000ft above mean sea level.

What was more was that at that point I was transported back to the Cross at Calvary with the Saviour hanging there bleeding, but obviously not enough for my passengers as they yelled “Blood of Jesus!!!” causing Him to bleed some more.

I knew they weren’t going to stop until they had bled him white, so imagine my relief when things settled down. I went round checking on the passengers, reassuring them as I went.

Through all this, one passenger – a Whiteman – had sat quietly looking out the window, not making a sound. As I made to pass him he beckoned, when I went to him he asked “What was all that singing and chanting for?”

And when I told him he had only one other thing to say, and it was “What aircraft are they on?”



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  1. franque….this is funny…been on one of those and its worse when the person sitting next to you is grabbing your hand so tight….and chanting……

  2. Funny.. It happened to me 1ce while flying to abj.. Every1 was chanting prayer quotes and bible verses… It was so funny… D alhaji seating nxt to me started screaming blood of jesus, blood of jesus.. I couldn’t hold my laughter anymore… My mom had to start apologizing on my behalf.. When d turbulence calmed down…

  3. nigerians are so hyprocites. they go to church every sunday call on d name of God like no man bissness yet thier faith is non existence

  4. lol let me not lie I hate flying so while I am not one of those passengers that will scream out loud, in my head I scream in 10 different languages. lol. I was never like this 🙁 so that sucks. lol @ you finding yourself on the floor and not knowing how you got there. What kind of turbulence is that??? lol

  5. He probably knows how these things work n why. He probably even flies to Miami where I here th turbulnce has no part two. So I’m thinkin h’s wonderin what the fuss is about. It’s just turbulence to him, not the armageddon. Or sum’n along those lines

  6. Lmao…Franque…the Knees part is just too funny””(wondering hw u gt der) hahahahaha!

    Nyways..m not in d rght position to judge..buh most oof dem pray…buh dnt have faith..which is sad..dey really knw God whn dey r about to die!! kmt

  7. cudnt stop laffing…. they had to bleed him white… really…juz as yu wonder how yu got on yur knees, i slightly wonder @ hw yu got back on yur feet and saw the humour in all deze nice piece of work

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