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Hello! GoodMo…nday, How are ye doing? Yeah, I know Mondays could be somewhat traumatic for some students going back to lectures after months of holidays (*sob sob*)…or it could be just another day of work for workers(ye bravehearts!); anyway it is, it sure feels good to be alive people.

Today, shall we kindly sway to the fluid and harmonic beats of a genre I have long prayed for to come back alive in my Motherlan’? Well seems the answer has come in the form of Lanre Aluko-Olokun better known with the genre’s actual name – Jazz.

Jazz is a young gifted independent singer,songwriter and designer (Lorenzo Duffle’Bag Designs) who is currently studying in England. He possesses the strongest passion for music and it plays a major part in his life. His inspiration mainly comes from the greats such as Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill, Frank Sinatra (I’m happy to know i’m not the only black person listening to him, i kinda like Jazz already) and many others. He currently performs with a Jazz/Swing band called Tuxedo Swing which is also based in England.

The band perform hit songs from the likes of James Brown , Etta James, Nat King Cole and Cab Calloway. Jazz has performed at various shows such as Pride of the Motherland at the Indigo O2, London and more recently at Taruwa at Bacchus, Ikoyi accompanied with Bez on the guitar. He also came third in a performance show held at The Underground and recently was interviewed by everyone’s fave radio OAP – Tosyn Bucknor (where Jazz’s “No Song” premiered).

He describes his style of music as a blend of soul and RnB and he is also interested in other genres of music especially dance and pop. Being a songwriter, he writes music from the heart and experiences that allows most people to relate too.

Get caught under the “Jazzy” feeling, no rituals required …just Press ►

Jazz – No Song



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