360Fresh: On “Power”, X.O Shows Us You Only Need A Mic To Be Xtra-Ordinary

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Like XO said in his “Maybach Music” freestyle called “Taxi Music“, ‘if u have sleeping on him/then it must be undercover‘. Faster than Usain Bolt, dude came off the starting blocks and in just six (6) months, he is already being considered one of the top 5 rappers out of Africa with more buzz than a bumblebee strapped to an electric shaver (?). Heck! even Mr Incredible had to holla

“..Usually I don’t do this via this platform (Facebook) …but I think you guys need 2 know bout the newest, but still one of the hottest playas in the game. He is xtra ordinary X.O VOE aka NoHairDontCare …I think he is the best lyricist I have ever heard, he’s a breath of fresh air, a loopy brova and an unofficial choc boy…”

His Sound is liberating; unique and fresh. Utilizing double and triple entendres (definition: A word or phrase that has a double meaning (pls stay in school kids)), as well as intelligible lyrics, his flow combines the accessibility and deftness of Jay-Z , Drake or with the lyricism of say, a Nas. No hype!

With only 2 released tracks, he is being touted as the best lyricist alive by most. His 1st ever track, a freestyle to Rick Ross‘ “Maybach music“, aptly titled “Taxi Music“, garnered critical acclaim on many major music sites. An underground cult following was born. If Taxi music, sparked an interest, the second track – “Victory“, added fuel to the fire. All the interest created by X.O’s music led to “Victory” getting selected as the 1st track on DJ Neptune’s latest mixtape – “I am Hip Hop Naija Vol 3

His first LP – “X point O” is scheduled to drop, January 2011. Let’s hope its all hugs and kisses (xoxo) when it drops cos X.O knows that he can have what he wants, be what he wants cos Sky is his limit.

Peep his latest joint called “Power” which features JayCube and Lois Asabere. My homey Kid Konnect comes thru as always on the production. He also gives a shout out to our friends @ NotJustOk. Also below are his earlier 2 tracks, a detailed Bio and don’t forget to vote and leave feedback. Yup! Get familiar!

X.O: ‘1 word can create Hiroshima/obliterate Utopia/da lyrical Okocha/ scoot closer, let me coach ya

X.O Senavoe (NoHairDontCare) ft JayCubeLois Asabere – The Power.mp3

  X.O Senavoe (NoHairDontCare) - The Power.mp3 (5.0 MiB, 1,140 hits)

X.O Senavoe (NoHairDontCare) – Victory

  X.O Senavoe (NoHairDontCare) - Victory.mp3 (4.3 MiB, 1,521 hits)

X.O Senavoe (NoHairDontCare) – Taxi Music(freestyle)

  X.O Senavoe (NoHairDontCare) - Taxi Music(freestyle).mp3 (4.3 MiB, 1,336 hits)


Joshua Senavoe aka X.O Voe aka NoHairDon’tCare was born in California, USA to parents, both of whom were teachers. Of Ghanaian and Nigerian parentage, at an early age, his family relocated to Ghana where he lived until college. While in Ghana and at age ten (10), X.O’s father died.

Growing up in Ghana in a single parent home, life wasn’t exactly a walk in the park for him.  X.O had to learn, quickly, to be fiercely independent. A keen observer of life, beyond his own personal struggles, he saw numerous socio-economic and political struggles faced by Africans, particularly those in Ghana and Nigeria (he visited and still visits Nigeria regularly).

Finishing high school, X.O returned to the USA – Grand Rapids, Michigan to pursue his college education. He attended Calvin College where he was a major in Business and a minor in Pre-medicine. In college, he continued with his knack for excelling at everything he does. He was News Editor for the school’s newspaper, organized and hosted the school’s international talent shows and was an excellent athlete, holding till today, the school’s triple jump record.

Two years prior to graduation, setbacks struck, again. X.O could no longer afford college so he was forced to drop out. After a year of sitting out, help came in the form of an anonymous donor who donated money for him to complete college. Just when the excitement of graduating from college was starting to sink in, X.O had to deal with yet another setback, the loss of his mother in 2004.

Motivated to be even more focused and successful and not taking life for granted, X.O focused on his natural talent for words, opting for law school and enrolling at Howard University School of Law in 2005. At Howard Law, he continued his legacy of success. (While in) law school, X.O organized a movement mobilizing Howard Law School to create awareness for ‘Jena Six’  trial and the constitutional issues raised in the trial that brought attention to the nation. Not losing momentum at Howard Law, he also helped establish the law school’s first student center. He was later elected president of Howard International Law Society, then president of the Student Bar Association and before he graduated, he was chair of the Student Board.

After such successful run and achievements in law school, graduating  in 2008, it was no surprise that X.O landed a job as a young associate attorney at one of the top ten law firms in America. What was surprising, however, was that a little over a year into his work at the firm, he quit to pursue his passion for piecing words together musically!



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  1. ‘My momma passed when I was packing so, in passing, when I’m packing, I stop and think of how Momma passed and her passion/And her fashion/And her actions/Like always dashing to her knees for God’s direction and compassion‘…..FIRE

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