360Fresh: NPZ Gives Us The Freshness We Need For The Holidays

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Rain,Sun,Traffic,School,Stress,Bosses,Desks,Deadlines,Countdown to the weekend,Countdown to Naija’s 50th ahhhh..It’s a anuver week,we can survive it..We R Nigerians…AwOooO!

Get yo’ iPods ready…it’s time to sync a nu artist to the playlist…

…Nigerian born Chinedu Emmanuel Opute aka NPZ commenced his primary and secondary school education in Nigeria where he grew up, then moved to the United Kingdom to further his studies at Stone Bridge College where he was able to obtain qualifications in Business Marketing and Information Technology which earned him a membership at the British Computer Society (whoop whoop..Nigerians,AwoooOoo).

His persistent love for music started right from childhood but he started singing for fun in high school (Babcock University High School) where he joined an Acapella singing group called The N.E.X.T. NPZ battled physically, mentally and emotionally when the bitter and harsh side of life confronted him and he realised that the only way to gain control of himself was to put pen on paper and making his feelings known to the world. NPZ was stunned by his ability to sing and write songs (talk about discovering one’s undercovered abilities..), deciding to engage himself in numerous mixtapes and open mic events which he won in the UK and till date he’s becoming bigger and better.

He’s a versatile artiste influenced by R n B, Reggae and Hip Hop music and his music is a beautiful hybrid between the Western and African vibe.

NPZ – African Champion

  NPZ - African Champion (6.0 MiB, 637 hits)

NPZ – So Close By

  NPZ - So Close By (4.6 MiB, 670 hits)

NPZ ft Davido – Bad Boy By



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