360Fresh: Anis Halloway Leaves His Pack of Mountain Lions To Hunt Free In Naija’s RnB Jungle

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Sierra Leonean born, Based in Naija… Anis Halloway comes from the country of Mountain Lions (Portuguese: Serra Lyoa) and he seems to have acquired their ability to climb to the top. Anis Halloway is a singer, songwriter with a unique flavor. What sets him apart from other artists are his unique vocal style, tone and delivery. Back that up with his charismatic personality and professional work ethics, Anis has a natural talent which brings out sincerity in his music.

His musical journey started when he travelling to the UK in 2001 to further his education. During this time he started to experience music life by performances and mini showcases. To polish his natural talent he did a course in sound engineering at Lewisham College which in turn improved his interpretation in songwriting and music creation.

He lived in the UK for 7 years where he had the bulk of his music hustle experience. Around 2003, Anis was picked up by a new independent label in the UK called GDM Records, where he functioned as an artist and songwriter. During this time he had a UK underground hit single “Eyes on Me” which was in the channel U top ten video charts for four weeks. He sparked media interest with interviews from the likes of BBC 1xtra, RWD magazine, Touch magazine etc.

Anis has worked with the likes of Silvastone (2Face), producer/DJ in the UK, Blak Twang, one of the godfathers of hip-hop, Sway, K9 Hybrid X, and S.O.E and many more.

Having acquired a wealth of experience between 2001 and 2009, Anis decided to take a trip back to the motherland where he planned to start his African expansion. He stands out as one of the finest artists to hit Sierra Leone for decades. To buttress this fact Anis represented Sierra Leone in MTN’s 2009 Project Fame Season 2 West Africa in Nigeria. He was the only Sierra Leonean to enter the academy, finishing 10th.

After Project fame, he stayed on like a predator knowing that he could stake a claim to the Music Lair. Now based in Nigeria studying the industry, he’s currently unsigned but still making an impact.

His debut album “Small Beginnings” is now available online @ iTunes & Amazon.

Peep some of his songs and videos and pass yo verdict! Yup! Get familiar!

Anis Halloway – African Woman

Anis Halloway – Eyes On Me

Anis Halloway – Shake Am



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