360Beef: Seriki – Talk I’m Listening(Rugged Man Diss)

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What’s BEEF? Beef is when 2 former buddies go @ each other’s jugular just becos they can’t sit down to resolve ish without wearing wires or tapping phones. Just when we thought all the dust had settled down after Rugged Man‘s infamous leakage of his phone conversation with 9ice, we were wrong.

9ice’s Alapomeji label-mate, Seriki goes ahead to diss and dismiss Rugged Man with the cut called “Talk I’m Listening” …hmm only thing I don’t like is the use of the word BASTARD (definition: a person born of unmarried parents; an illegitimate child; Kids remember that this is a bad word and should not be used) on the track.

9ice should be dropping his own version of the track as a birthday present to his former buddie on Sept 20th. Sources say he’s done a video for the diss track as well.

In related news, his double album “Bashorun Gaa” & “Versus” should drop on 10/10/10.

Only a few years ago, Rugged Man & 9ice did one of my favourite 9ja Hip-Hop tracks “Ruggedy Baba” ; only way we are gonna see anuver collabo between the 2 is if someone does a mash-up of their tracks (!)

So in the words of Treach – ‘It’s not a shame, it’s a problem!‘ Let’s hope everything becomes alright between the 2 in future. Yup! Get familiar!

Seriki – Talk I Am Listening



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  1. I must say, ‘something’s really wrong somewhere for this to have lingered’… The toni payne/9ice/ruggedman ‘love triangle’ is becoming more dramatic as the day goes by. I pray peace reigns! Btw “ruggedybaba”-9ice/ruggedman collabo really rocked and it still does!

  2. I think this “beef” is STUPID. STUPID from different angles. STUPID because 9ice is watching too much tv and reading blog sites and now believes he is in the USA and its cool to diss his wife, the mother of his child. He thinks it is cool to allow people insinuate that she cheated on him with his friend. He thinks it is cool to tackle her on public forums and reply to fan comments on her integrity. He thinks it is cool to release a diss track. SMH. 9ice, YOU ARE NOT NAS! STUPID because Toni Payne would take to social networks to discuss her marital issues instead of waking up at her parents and parents in law’s feet everyday tryna save her marriage. She thinks it is wise to call out the alleged instigators of her marital problems on the internet, instead of going to slap (and i use the word figuratively)her husband back to his senses and remind him why they got married in the first place. She thinks it is wise to rant so much forgetting that her son will grow to hear about this mess. STUPID because Ruggedman knows nothing about being a man and would release a phone conversation of him “clearing up” issues with his friend just so that he can save face. This issue is STUPID! God help all 3 of u.

    1. Claire word! I am so impressed by what you said that i pray someone close to any of the parties invoveld gets to read this. If i were Tony Payne, I would focus on arranging my parents with the parents of 9ice and other stakeholders from both families.

      I’m like Nigerians dont think. Why did you have a traditional wedding in the first place? It is for days like this where trails come to shake your marriage. so you can call all your family members to talk with you and pray for you.

      9ice & Tony, U have a child, if news leaks like this now imagine what it would be like when ur son is 14. Be wise….

  3. Word Claire…Word!!! Sick and tired of hearing about these kids. Two words for you three (9ice/ToniPayne/Ruggedman). GROW UP!!!!!!!!

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