360Beef: 9ice – Talk I’m Listening(Rugged Man Diss)

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Yesterday was Ruggedman’s birthday and as promised 9ice dropped the best birthday present ever for his former buddy. It’s off to the mattresses as 9ice makes this war official by dropping his own version of “Talk I’m Listening” following the snippet released earlier by Seriki, 10days ago. You can also check Rugged Man’s infamous leakage of his phone conversation with 9ice, to get familiar.

Peep the song below. Apologies, couldn’t get a radio version that would edit out the BASTARD word.

We are on the fence on this one. We’ll let u guys decide. Please share ur comments below.

In related news: 9ice’s double album “Bashorun Gaa” & “Versus” is said to be dropping on 10/10/10 including a truckload of videos. Get set peeps.

In other related news: From the 360fam, Happy Belated Birthday Ruggedman

Hope no one will “kick in the door/ waving the 44” soon. I wonder how this will end. We’ve seen Ruggedman win battles faster than LL Cool J in his prime. Let’s hope everything becomes alright between the 2 in future.
Yup! Get familiar!

9ice ft Seriki – Talk I’m Listening



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  1. 9ice is such a dum-ass fool. I listened to the song and he’s just abusing and that’s all. He didn’t say anything about what Rugged has done to wrong him or something. He’s a kid. I just hope Ruggedman will not reply this little kid. He’s such a fool. His management team, his PR team are all dummies.

  2. Person F**k you wife on code instead make you sef vex on code you go dey embarrass yourself dey tell all of us when no care to know.I don dey vex for you 9ice right from the day i learnt you were married…what nonsense..Seriki i dey disappointed next time allow every man to bear his cross abi na you wife them F**k…9ice i thank God for your life oh because if no be for God and Kpoli..Wahalai you for mumu gan..i go still buy your cds cos i love your songs.I sure say Toni go dey calabar wiv ruggedy for sept 20th again,Dem dey F**k your BABY MAMA..LWKMD..i go like sample her too.Joooh..The Enemy is not Ruggedy anymore because he is already known..The Enemy is within you oozing so bad that you are enjoying the fragrance..Be Wise Man,You suppose vex but in a big boy way..now na you be the mumu…Quick do Album no put this trash inside oh..make i give you 150/300 naira again..Love you Ruggedy..Love you 9ice

  3. i dont really tink its 9ice’s fault..why would ruggedman behaved like an immature adult…leaking his conversation with 9ice to the public.i fink if no be rugged do wetin 9ice talk,ewhy the guy dey worry himself now…meaning him do am..abeg 9ice ride on..I DEY GBADUN U!

  4. Nice you be real goat,person fk your wife,you dey curse am for music.you no dey shame say u no fit keep ur wife?better still make you dey thank Ruggedy baba for letting you know you are married to a hore…….

  5. 9ice is a dissapointment, nothing prepared me for how foolish he is. Has he ever sat down to think of the consequences of his actions, when his son grows up in 12yrs time and is abused by his mates that his mother is a slut whose speciality is nodding his fathers friend. How will he feel? One of his victims he has not considered here is his son. He should be ashamed of himself. Ode, Oniranu, Moron. You have lost a fan.

  6. This is bad, this is not a diss it was as if u were sending a good night kiss, u should have asked me to write the diss for u so that when u r through with him his name shall only be heard in myths and u will be Will Smith and all he can do is sniff to ur beat, but this ryt here is shit.

  7. 9ice, U sef na Olodo. U just dey do anyhow. Ur son mama na im U just bounce like dat, dey diss 9ice. U don enta, Chiyadu go tell us oficially say U be Homo. IDIOT

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