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I am Dami Dupri and I personally declare the following you are about to read as the WORST SPORTING MOMENTS OF 2010. I’m sure some of you might agree while some might have other moments of there’s.  You can state yours in the comment box.

10. Longest Match in Tennis History: John Isner defeating Nicolas Manut in five sets that lasted for 11 hours, 5 minutes. When no be say na finals we dey play… It was just a FIRST ROUND match!!! Now this is the definition of a “LONG THING”. What pissed me of about this match was that Isner qualified for the next round where he was walloped by Thiemo de Bakker in straight sets. Why didn’t one of those guys just give up at some point…Just my thoughts, just my thoughts.

9. Yakubu Aiyegbeni’s miss against Greece: Okay, I won’t talk too much because I am still pained, it’s either the Greek National Government had promised Panathianakos F.C. will employ his services for the next 25 years or he sha wanted to write his name in the history books. Well he got what he wanted: Worst Miss in World Cup History. Even Nobs would have scored that goal! If that young man was a citizen of North Korea, he would have been flogged on National TV. Olodo boy.

8. Felipe Massa slowing down for Team mate, Fernando Alonso during the German Grand Prix: After taking the lead from the 1st lap to the 48th lap, Massa was directed by team engineer, Rob Smedley to slow down and allow teammate Alonso take the lead. Alonso also went on to win the race. Is the team engineer mad? Am I the one that told Alonso not to drive fast and be ahead of the pack? I don’t even know why this incident got to me so much. All I can say is that Massa collects a whooping 20 million dollars a year! For that amount, I will even come last if that’s what the team wants.

7. Tyson Gay stuns Usain Bolt in 100m race: I used to think that Usain Bolt was from out of space. Well apparently, the 23 year old Jamaican is human after all. Tyson Gay not only won that race, but also set the fastest time for the season at 9.84 seconds… Did you guys see the gap…or was I the only one that saw it. Shortly after the race, Usain Bolt pulled out of all competitions till the end of the year due to injury. LOL!!! The guy probably needed time to mourn the defeat. I know Usain will be back. Look out for another world record from Usain when he returns.

6. Gilbert Arenas pulling out a gun on a teammate: Gilbert Arenas went all gangsta on us in the Wizard’s locker room, by bringing in guns to threaten teammate Javaris Crittenton over gambling debts. What pissed me off was the fact that despite being under investigation for carrying a pistol without a license, Gilbert aka Agent Zero had the audacity to still joke about the incident by pretending to shoot teammates during introductions before a game. What is the world turning into?

5. The French National side at the World Cup: I got just 3 words: Miserable! Miserable!! Miserable!!! First it was Nicolas Anelka vs. Team Coach (Raymond Domenech), then Patrice Evra vs. the team trainer, then the French players vs. the French Football Federation. The team’s performance both on and off the field was just miserable.

4. Lindsey Vonn crashes at the winter Olympics: At the beginning of the Winter Olympics, Vonn had promised us 5 gold medals (well she had promised me at least 5 medals despite her shin injury). The hype was so much that I tuned in to Eurosports News everyday to monitor this young lady’s performance. She won a gold medal in her first event, and I was like “men, this girl is for real”. Then all the madness started: Her last four events were characterized by crashing, crashing, crashing and crashing. And I am not joking. The poor girl even broke a finger. Sorry dear. Better luck next time.

3. Asamoah Gyan missing against Uruguay in the quarterfinals of the World cup: This was also another painful moment for me. We (I mean Ghana… oh sorry… Africa) could have gone all the way to the finals. Well Suarez for your safety, please do not come back to this continent. A word is enough for the wise.

2. Andrew Bogut’s Injury: This guy na my age mate, but unlike me he was born to be an athlete. At 7 ft and 260 pounds, basketball was all he was made for. Do you know Giants cry too? Let me take you back to April 3rd, 2010 during a game against the Phoenix Suns in Milwaukee, this Giant cried blood, Bogut suffered a major elbow and hand injury after falling hard to the floor following a slam dunk. Pundits argue that this was the nastiest basketball injury ever. You can watch how the horrific incident occurred on YouTube (Please note this is not for the aje buttas).

1. The John Terry Scandal: Guys, keep your wives and girlfriends away from this man. That’s all I can say.
Well, there you have it: My worst sporting moments of 2010 so far, why don’t you tell me yours.

Thats all my people.

Dami Dupri

Dami Dupri

I eat, sleep and drink sports. You can catch me dissecting all kinds of sports at a sports bar or pub near you. Did I mention I am a part owner of Manchester United F.C.(I wish !!!)


  1. Very impressive , I would like to add my own, and it was when we found out M Jones was stripped of her gold medals! (Tear drop in my eye)! I think tht is like one of d biggest embarrassment tht can happen to anyone!

  2. i don’t think the isner match can be in this category, you don’t quit and they showed that and i think that should be the real story here.

    Usain is just being a baby and i agree with the rest especially Gilbert Arenas. He was just fooooooolllllliisssh

  3. @ NEEFEMI

    funny enuf, the john isner match is in my best and worst sporting moments of 2010.

    Check out why it’s in my best sporting moments of 2010 in weeks to come.

    @ EVE

    hmmmmmnnnn…drugs and sports…dats a story for another day

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