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Recently, I annoyed the heck out of two different people, with this one line:

“Stop Tweeting and Start Living”

They were both so upset, that I was afraid they were going to ‘off’ shirt and beat me to a pulp!! At first, I didn’t understand why they were so upset about what I had said, but after recalling how the phrase entered my own mind in the first place, I could understand why they were so pissed off.

It’s a phrase which I’ve used to scold myself quite often in the past few months since I started actively tweeting, whenever I found myself being more interested in reporting what was happening at every moment, than actually living in the moment itself.

Tweeting is like a life-force of its own that completely absorbs you and demands constant tribute from you, whether you’re up to it or not.

Experiences begin to lose their relevance to you unless you tweet them.

You begin to consider a funny joke or occurrence to be wasted if you didn’t report it in the 140 characters Twitter provides you with to relate ‘What’s Happening’ to your Followers.

Then you develop the need, or find the perfect opportunity (depending on the way you swing), to embellish your life experiences minimally or maximally.

Twitter!!! What was life like without it?

How did we fulfill the desire in us to make ourselves seem relevant to whomever we were opportune to cross paths with?

Every Tweet carries in it the voice of a desire to be seen and heard in a way that one can entirely control.

The stubborn and rebellious generation that we are, how is it that we have found ourselves entirely submissive to a little box that gently makes a ‘What’s happening?’ demand of us?

I mean, people ask us what’s happening every other day in our lives, how come we don’t obsessively begin to live our entire lives on display for them?

Or do we?

What promise does obedience to that gentle demand hold for us? What positive illusion have we associated with typing the 140 characters the little Misers of space have provided us with?

Do we fear that we would be otherwise invisible or irrelevant if we didn’t at every point in time make a broadcast about our existence?

It is a well-known fact that a man is a slave to whomever or whatever he chooses to obey; have we become slaves to a chirpy little virtual birdie called Twitter?

How did a SOCIAL networking site, which is for leisurely Interaction between people of like minds, become a replacement for Life itself?

One of the most liberating statements I have ever heard in relation to the Twitter Invasion was from Rapper, Sauce Kid, during an Interview with Tosyn Bucknor:

“Twitter isn’t real life, if I don’t sign in, I wouldn’t have to see all that s*#t…”

How in the world have we been made to buy into the delusion that our Life consists in a dimension which we have to LOG in to access?!!

Let’s wake up people; *now pulling my earlobe village woman style* STOP TWEETING & START LIVING!!!

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Tari Ekiyor

Tari Ekiyor

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