New Video: D’Banj – Mr Endowed

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Many many Years ago, a special child was born, today we know him as Mr Endowed

He’s the D’Banj and he’s so well endowed! OOOOOSE!!! When this track 1st dropped in May, we were awed by Don Jazzy‘s monstrosity. The beats are freaking awesome.

We are now proud to bring to u the video premiere of the Kokomaster’s ‘Mr Endowed‘. It’s Don Jazzy again! The video was directed by Sesan.

This video is very crazy and funny, showing D’banj at his very best. The luxurious cars are madd!

It is Night time
Our own Superhero Mr Endowed gets alerted to his distress E signal in the night sky
A damsel seems to have lost her number to her dentist since she was born cos she has the worse set of dentition ever
It’s Mr Endowed to the rescue
And with a spray of the magical endowed perfume
She’s capped with the best dentition ever
and of course her other ASSETS become so well endowed

I can’t stop laughing! Definitely Mo Hits best video till date. Don’t 4get to catch the dance off between Don Jazzy & D’Banj at the end (Break-dance @ its finest) lol

Yup! Get familiar



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  1. Once again!!! Dbanj has been able to show us that music doesn’t need to contain any meaningful lyrics to sell… Lovely beat, its Don Jazzy again(waiting for a single from you)and Kudos to Sesan we are getting there with our videos, short n straight to the point.

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