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Everyone wants to be a winner. But what does it take to win? Skill? Confidence? Luck? Talent? What is the missing ingredient that differentiates the winners from the rest of the lot? Are you a winner?

Mo features winners of some of Africa’s biggest game shows, and gets firsthand information on the secrets of locking the perfect winning combination, and finishing first.

Do you think you could come out tops if you played your favourite TV game show?  Learn the moves, the tricks and all the inside scoop that can make you a winner, any time, any day. 

This episode with Mo titled WIN! WIN! WIN!!! would be airing on TV Tuesday the 3rd by 9.30pm with repeat broadcast on Wednesday 4th & Saturday 7th Aug 2010 on (Mnet West) by 2.30pm.  

Ms Abudu with Yemi Blaq on Moments with Mo

Frank Edoho, popular game show host of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, shares tit-bits on what it really takes to be a millionaire. And then, we raise the stakes a little higher, as we talk about the art and science of gambling.

Frank Edoho and Gbenga Adeyinka with Ms Abudu on Moments with Mo

You have what it takes to win. Tune in to Moments with Mo, and learn how!



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  1. I like what the new studio and the use of natural environment.
    This is sure world class from the picture,if it’s marched with improved presentation skills,then she’s good to go.
    Congrats Mo and Team

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