Life…..and the games we played.

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I am writing this piece with no clear direction but deep in my writing mind, I think I know what it is that I want to say and I hope I can successfully convey my thoughts to you.

Couple of nights back, I was having a midnight “extra cool” chat with a very dear friend and somehow we found ourselves talking about growing up, parents and all the tiny stuff we went through as children.

Growing up was filled with “ups” and “downs”, the “Ups” representing the good periods and the “Downs” representing the not-so-good periods but more importantly growing up was so much fun.

As a child, life was not so hard and there was little or nothing to worry about.We woke up on Saturdays with only “Street games” on our minds even though not ALL of these street games were approved by our parents.

We rolled “bicycle wheels” and “car tyres” from one street to another (From Okigwe road-Ugorji-Owerri road and back to Okigwe road).

By the way this game had levels (smiling). To get to rolling “car tyres”, first, you had to roll “plate covers” then move up to “bicycle wheels” before moving up to the last level “car tyres”.  While a straightened metal cloth hanger was used to “drive” the wheel or plate, a stick was used to “drive” tyre but both required a certain type of skill. Sometimes we conducted “street racing competition” and winners were seen as demi gods.  Some of us named our “wheels” and “tyres” and they had special parking spaces under the staircase.

If you think “rolling the wheel” was fun, then I’m telling you that playing table soccer was the sheeeet.  The table soccer was played with crown corks “minerals cover or cantas” as the players, “folded papers” as the goal post and “buttons” as the football.

Just life in normal football game, you put together a team of 11 with some people as reserve players. You either played with “Biro cover” or your thumb and first finger placed together.  The “crown cork goalkeeper” is usually padded to withstand shots and I can tell you for free that PS3’s FIFA football game has got nothing on the table soccer. To make your team look “chassis” cars were constructed with St Louis sugar packets and then used to convey the players to the games.

With time football moved from the table to actual fields and we were competing with neighboring streets. Contributions (50k, N1.00, N20.00) were put together for jerseys, leather football and glucose.  We all played to win a cup constructed with a bottle wrapped with cigarette foil (Gold foils for Golden cup and Silver foils for the Silver cup).

Life was more or less one huge play station with meal times in between. I didn’t know how my school fees were paid and I wasn’t really bothered. I only wanted all the good things of life.

I don’t know if any of these games are still played today by kids but I can tell you there was no better way of becoming street wise in those days than participating in these games.

I’m really sorry if you cannot identify with any of the above; just know that I can still dust your ass in any PS or Xbox game and if we go for table soccer….that’s a piece of cake. (Now signing Genral Pype’s champion).

Now when we talk about childhood days, one thing is clear, childhood memories most certainly defers from one person to another.

Please leave a testimony if you can relate or share your childhood memories.

Noble Igwe

Noble Igwe

Nobs is a SLU…shh trust fund kid who works just to exercise his body and mind. He’s “Unruly” but as calm as the “ABE” boys. Referred to as FYI (Fly, Young and Igbo) by his friends, Nobs says iT tHe wAy iT iS. Follow him on Twitter @nobsdaslushhkid Enough of the English language……..My name is Noble Igwe,go figure!


  1. I def rode ‘keke’ and tyre wen I was little…hmmm those days of no worries nw I v got I go back?

  2. lol!!!This write up definitely brought back some memories…doubt if kids of today can relate. Never could roll a plate so i never graduated to bicycle wheels talk less of car tyres,but table soccer…now that was the sheeeet!!!!
    Now, the issshhh!!! The internet just got interesting!!!

  3. O! those days, then there was “Dodging Fire” where we reenacted popular action films and waht a racket we caused with our gunfire sounds(of course produced from our mouths lol)

  4. Awww…nice one! I was good in rollin a certain small tyre(not sure where it came from but now i think it must have been from tiny kiddies tricycle) using the straightened hanger. For table soccer, we used one the spools from an audio cassette as the football, neva knew other pple used buttons. And we used to melt candle wax into the bottle corks so as to give it some weight to be able to hit the ‘ball’ better without moving with the ball. I guess for warri we advance pass una dat time. Yes o…i be confirmed waffi, we no dey carry last!!

  5. he he..u jst reminded me about my secondary school days. My little bro probably thought and still thinks i’m the best thing since sliced bread. I had jst bought a new t/d board. so I took my old one and my Physical education text book ( being a girl with no clue about soccer) and drew a properly dimensioned football pitch. He was in Pry 5 so imagine his excitement. Gosh…I love my brother

  6. Mehn! Those were the dayz, we even had table soccer mini-tournaments. I dey spin anything to anything back then…maybe one day, I’ll get some ‘jobless’ guys together and we would reenact FIFA 20.. (whatever number it is then).
    Good memories 🙂

  7. awwwww so nice!….i wished i played all this games…i was a girly girl and could not play any of this games to save my life

  8. You are getting meeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    I was always d lone female in d table soccer. I rolled from plate to bicycle tyres & once in a while, bullied my brothers for their car tyres.

    Remember ‘okoso’? Also had marks on d back of my hand thanks to that.
    And also throwing rubber.

    Funny how last night my bestmate & I were reminiscing about our childhood in aba

    No 3/5 brass is a massive compound & we all were similar age(+/- 7 years)

    Nice one Nobs

  9. My sis was teaching her kids oga d last time I went to c her. And I taught them kpakpangolo and d dance.

    Ahhh how can I forget….”Oro oro, onye m jidere…..okpo n’isi”.

    Kai dude u rock

  10. Yay!I can so relate wit dis,as a’tomboy’ dat I’ve been ryt from time,and as d last with no dolls but an immediate elder bro,childhood waz def. Fun, d tyre rides and wheel riden with iron hangers bent to form a kinda hook…oh I also remember doin backflings with my bro and fwends….childhood,unadulteratd innocent fun,being grown up kinda suck sha,too many tins to worry about..u shuld def write on swelu too,even kpakpangolo…lol…children of dese days don’t do dese stufs I knw,world don spoil Finish,…I love dis site

  11. lol nice one. i didnt roll plates or bycicle wheels but i got to roll car tires, played suwe and skipping. life was sure fun den. wonder wat dis littes one play or wat memories they ll have????????????

  12. I am an only girl and my brothers didn’t let me play with them cos, as they used to say, “we don’t want u to break” 🙁 LMAO, but i sure do remember all these games. We had no cares!!!

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