Lebron James is Nigerian!!!

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I remember my primary and secondary school days, when report cards came at the end of the term, and I was never in the top 20. I stayed back at school with my fellow losers and predicted that the brainy students were just wasting their time; we were the ones that would still make it in life, drive the best cars and stock up our riches to Mount Everest.


Deep down, we wanted to be like those guys…We wanted our names to be called out in Assembly hall for exceptional performance; we loved the way girls flocked around those guys for tutorials.

LEBRON JAMES wants the same thing; he wants to be remembered 20 years from now as the best player to have ever played the game. Trust me Lebron wants to be the best of the best.

I watched Larry King interview Lebron James last month during the free agency drama, and Lebron said basketball has never been about the money. In fact he said he had enough money to last him and his family for a life time (I believe him, is it the Nike endorsement we want to talk about?). It’s all about Winning! Winning!! Winning!!! and that is what Lebron wants. You will agree with me that Lebron is a great player, in fact a LEGEND, but he comes in last on the list of All-time players because he has no NBA ring.

It will interest you to know that “oga” himself Jordan has 6 rings, Magic Johnson 5 rings, Larry Bird 3 rings, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 6 rings and Kobe Bryant 5 rings. Do you know that Papa Bill Russell has 11 rings? Stay there!
Even a fake player (sorry Lakers fans) like Lamar Odom a.k.a. Mr. Kardashian has two rings, that is when you know King James has suffered.

Americans (especially fans from Cleveland) believe Lebron is a sell out and a coward for not staying with the Cavaliers and fighting like a man for the NBA title. They should not forget how the big three (KG, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen) with the help of a promising star Rajon Rondo brought the NBA title back to Boston in 2008. King James simply saw an easier way to the much coveted NBA ring and he jumped on the opportunity.

Nigerians on the other hand know the significance of being on top of their game. An average Nigerian strives to be number 1 and nothing else in everything they do. When Ice Prince Amani and 9ice say they are heading for the Grammys…I can relate to that, they are just trying to be on top of the class.

For Lebron to be number one he needs a couple of rings, forget the back to back MVP title and other records in the past. It’s all about that NBA ring. Is he going to get it? Definitely…… If not this season, then next season. The Miami Heat keep Superstar Dwayne Wade and acquire the services of Chris Bosh, an amazing player that is also hungry for an NBA Championship. Please watch out for this team.

Sorry Celtics, I just officially became a fan of the Miami Heat.

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Dami Dupri

Dami Dupri

I eat, sleep and drink sports. You can catch me dissecting all kinds of sports at a sports bar or pub near you. Did I mention I am a part owner of Manchester United F.C.(I wish !!!)


  1. I’d call this a Good article for the fact that u made me..who has zilch interest with Basket Ball, read thru till the end.

    I like the fact that you drew us all in with ur references to Pop Culture and doing badly in school.

    I must ask this though: doesn’t the fact that he tried to find an ‘easier way’ as u put it, disqualify him further? If all those other guys fought hard for the ring, and he went with a shortcut….then what does that say about Lebron as a player and as a Man?!

  2. Nice one. I don’t see anything wrong with LeBron jumping wagon to get the much needed help for the ring(s)…but the way he went about it (The Big Decision!) was in bad taste. Let’s see how the new season play out…but we know who’s got the championship then. Yup! It’s LAKERS babbaaaaaaay!

  3. Tari,

    I agree with you completely, but look at it this way… 30 years from now, our kids will only remeber the number of rings he has, not how he got those rings(easy or hard way).

    Bill Russell who won 8 rings in the 60’s was probably playing with a bunch of olodos that did not even understand the game(no disrepect).

    Lets give it to KING James though,he took a paycut and left a city he has lived all his life just for a ring.

    I could give you tutorials on the game when you are ready, afterall i came 3rd this term….

  4. I agree with hexydre on this one, he didn’t need the announcement although i heard that special brought in millions of dollars (i think they said it was 40mill)that he donated to Charity.But you are right, Charles Barkley is thought of as a great player, but guess what he has no rings. He probably has more achievements than some of the greats 11 Nba all star game appearance, i’m not sure even MJ had that (couldn’t be arsed to find out) and this was after playing in 3diff teams. O wait why did i go so far, Allen Iverson anyone? Carmelo Anthony anyone? I just hope they get that ring, and soon, it will be a pure shame otherwise.

    Sorry for rattling on so, i love sports 🙂

  5. I believe in life every body should do whatever makes them feel happy and fulfiled, if he feels that this move will make him a fulfilled person then everybody (including is village peeps) sould support him and be happy for him….and the end of the day its his life and his goals that he is achieving not theirs!I wish him all the best !

  6. I believe in life every body should do whatever makes them feel happy and fulfiled, if he feels that this move will make him a fulfilled person then everybody (including his village peeps) should support him and be happy for him….and at the end of the day its his life and his goals that he is achieving not theirs!I wish him all the best in getting his rings !

  7. Sure he’s a Nigerian. A politician for that matter. If u can’t get the ticket under AC, bros, move to PDP.
    Nice move for him. The only pple I see hating this are the celtic fans. It only makes the NBA more interesting to follow. Tnx for the piece.

  8. @ Dami Dupri

    Well I guess you understand the sport much better than I do!! Tutorials…except you are willing to pay me to learn…LOL

    However, I disagree on ’30 years from now…’ those things matter ooooo!! The pride of knowing you stuck to your guns and were true to yourself in the attainment of a goal is a truly remarkable achievenment.

  9. @ Neefemi, thank you…. we have a long list of such players: John stockton, Karl Malone, Patrick Ewing, Shawn Kemp, Reggie Miller etc

    @ Tunde….i am not a dull boy..even me sef, i am a card carrying member of our ruling party…

  10. I think it has to do with individual goals and what Lebron wants to achieve. Some athletes are just after the money (which is related to winning, so the line is blurred). But the list is endless of athletes that have gone to “stronger” teams to win titles, as well as athletes that have gone to “weaker” teams to maybe get more play. Ppl have different personal goals – Money, Titles, Get into national team etc. And I guarantee each athlete will do his best to achieve HIS own personal goal. If I could guess what Lebron James is thinking, i’d say he is not too bothered about what ppl will say now or in the future. He is just thinking – Become a legend, Check … All that is left is that ring.

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