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Mo lays it bare in this heart rendering episode about infertility in the African society. She brings all cards to the table, and attempts to answer questions, provide solutions, and give a voice to the countless African women who have endured infertility and childlessness over the years.

Infertility is one of the top five causes of break ups in Africa homes. Mo’s guests share their heart-shattering stories and discuss their life situations that range from recurrent miscarriages, childlessness, to having the same-sex children. What does it feel like to be deserted by your husband because you can’t have children? Find out from this woman who goes to the extreme to have a child. Then, a fertility doctor takes us deeper on the subject.

Carol Alex-Eyiteme, Dr Abayomi Ajayi & Dr Ayodolapo Soyinka with Mo (Laying It Bare)

Be informed and educated as Mo explores some of the leading causes of miscarriages. Learn everything you possibly can, from avoiding miscarriages, to getting on with life after one.

Mo with Senetor Ita Giwa (Laying It Bare)

LAYING IT BARE is a must watch for every woman, and an eye opener for every man. You don’t want to miss this. Tune in to MNET on Tuesday 1oth August by 9.30pm with repeat broadcast on the same channel(MNET WEST) Wednesday 11th of August by 2pm and Saturday 14th of August by 2.30pm.

Watching this episode could SAVE A MARRIAGE, and it could SAVE A SOUL!



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