Is there something wrong in dating two siblings?

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I met Chioma Okafor in the University and we didn’t start dating until our final year. The mandatory NYSC threw us to different parts of the country and the relationship couldn’t survive the distance.


Two months ago, I met the younger sister Ngozi (Six years after I’ve  broken up with Chioma) and we are considering dating.

I want to know, is there something wrong in dating two siblings?

Noble Igwe

Noble Igwe

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  1. well it’s an unwritten rule wc somaw hs bcom an urban myth thus it could be wrong to date two siblings but dis days(wen incest is evrywhr) crazy tins r happenin and if u ask arnd,i knw u gon find few cases whr dis hd happened
    my 2cent…it’s morally wrong but who defines moral anywys?

  2. My broda no mind ppl talk jare. While I have dated siblings – even thrown in a cousin or two,my question to you is: Is she aware you’ dated hour sister before? Is her sister with someone now? I’d I say ‘question’? If y’all r fine wi it den don’t let anyone judge you.

  3. I don’t like d idea cos if u truly loved d first siblin, u won’t want to hurt his or her feelins. Unless u are undoutedly clear, sure and certain that they r cool with it.

  4. Seriously???????? R u even considering it? Ok, let’s say ur ex starts dating ur brother, or ur dad dies (God forbid) & ur mum starts dating ur dad’s best friend? Tell me how u will feel. Then u can answer ur question urself.

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