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Times without number, we love to pamper ourselves by getting the latest car, go on that long deserved vacation, throw a small party or buy that expensive item that has been on our wish list for a year or two. Why not, we work hard and deserve the best things in life. But some guys just take it “too” far. Let me take us through the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of LAU LAU spending by some of our favorite sports stars.


Robbie Fowler and Steve Mcmanaman (ex footballers) have invested in several race horses that have gone on to win several race derbies. Fowler is listed as one of the wealthiest Britons due to his investment in properties. It is estimated that one out of every hundred houses in the Manchester area is owned by Fowler. Not to mention the fact that at age 35 the guy still gets paid to play. His wife and 5 kids are made for life. Fowler, you are my hero.

Our own Jay Jay Okocha and Kanu Nwankwo have invested in the real estate, hospitality and entertainment industry. Nice one my brodas.


It will interest you to know that Scottie Pippen (ex NBA superstar) lost a total sum of $120 million (18 Billion Naira) on poor financial planning and a little bit of lau lau (e.g. Gulfstream II corporate jet). Men, that is huge, with that kind of money, I can buy a stretch of properties on Bourdillon Road, Ikoyi and go to sleep.

In his prime, Evander Holyfield bought a $20 million house with over 54,000 square feet and 109 rooms. The house has 11 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, a movie theater, a bowling alley and an Olympic size swimming pool. Imagine how much it must cost to cut the grass on all 235 acres! You could buy a Range Rover Sport with the electric bill payment alone. STAR’S STATUS: FLAT BROKE.

For Antoine Walker, apart from having a terrible gambling addiction, he was just too generous. He once said he could never say NO to friends and family. He sponsored bad business ventures owned by friends and always went out of his way to make his family happy. Walker has filed for bankruptcy and faces foreclosure on some of his homes; including an Illinois home he purchased for his mother, shown below:

Walker might have to let go of his NBA ring estimated at $6,000 and is now playing minor league basketball in Puerto Rico to keep body and soul.

Another example is Mike Tyson who squandered career earnings amounting to $400 million (60 Billion Naira) STAR’S STATUS: BROKE.


Two-time PGA champion John Daly gambled away almost $60 million in career earnings; he once blew $1.2 million in a mere 2 hours at a casino in Las Vegas. By my calculations that is an average of N1.5 million per minute. ORI MI OOOO!!!!

Now playing Ori Mi: Skales and Wizkid.01 Ori Mi (Final)

In conclusion, I think it’s nice to pamper ourselves once in a while, what’s important is that we keep something aside for a secured tomorrow.

See you guys next week.

Dami Dupri

Dami Dupri

I eat, sleep and drink sports. You can catch me dissecting all kinds of sports at a sports bar or pub near you. Did I mention I am a part owner of Manchester United F.C.(I wish !!!)


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