Hair’s Breadth

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I have never understood cheating in any form, least of all, cheating in a relationship. I do not understand lying either. But recently I was confronted, shockingly, by both of them!!

My girlfriend and I have broken every record there is for break up – to make up – to break up. In the past two years we have broken up more times than I care to remember and the succeeding one was always worse than the preceding.

During one such hiatus, I travelled to Accra and met this girl. She was fun, she was homely, she was pretty and she was single. We talked a lot on the phone, and whenever I was in Accra, she would come and spend the night at my hotel.

The other day I was to travel to Accra, and I had told her so. I got to the airport to find my erstwhile girlfriend was on the same flight – and usually we stayed at the same hotel. The flight was delayed for three hours and while waiting for the flight, we got talking. From small talk to polite conversation, we got round to talking about us.  Long story short: by the time our flight was called, we had made up.

We had arrived Accra when I realised that I had left my sim card at home, so I could not call my Ghanaian friend to advice her one way or the other. As soon as our rooms were ready – and it was unusually fast, my girlfriend left for hers. I was torn between following her, or going to my room. It was pride that made me turn right at the elevator, rather than left.

The door was barely shut when my room phone rang. I picked it up and heard another colleague of mine asking me to come back down to reception. Immediately I knew what that meant – She had come!!! I raced downstairs like a bat out of hell, while the cogs in my head were processing the likely outcome if our rooms had been delayed 5 minutes. I practically dragged her to my room before any more of my colleagues saw her. Once in my room I placed a call through to my girlfriend. “Hey babes”, I said. “I am knackered and all I want to do right now is sleep. So this is me calling to say good night. Talk to you in the morning”. Now my guest is wearing a long face, and when I asked her why?  She said: “I am here and you are talking to your girlfriend, how do you expect me to feel?”

When I did not deny this, tears welled in her eyes and she said: “That explains why you won’t have sex with me”. To this I replied: “I’m happy it’s all out in the open now. Because, though my girlfriend and I were having issues, I couldn’t bring myself to lie to you to get in your drawers. I am sorry you feel like you do, but I am thankful for your friendship and do not want to ruin it”.

The next morning I woke up an hour before I was due and got ready. I tried to get her to leave but she would not. So when my wakeup call came through, I told her it was my check out call – anything to get her to leave. I walked her to the hotel entrance, put her in a cab and was just heading for the restaurant when I saw my girlfriend there, having breakfast! 5 more minutes and I would have been telling another story.

I have never understood cheating in any form, least of all, cheating in a relationship. I do not understand lying either.



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  1. You are slick i’ll give you that. I am confused again ohhhh! but you had side chicks *earlier post* except you were not in a defined r.ship when you were doing your side biz…lol sorry to out you

  2. That is what i call deadly encounter….next time if you are caught…am sure one of them,will smack the colour off your face….

  3. @ you all, he rili hadnt done anything wrong hence the opening paragraph….. hw wasnt cheating on either of them. From from ghana he hadnt slept wit and she knew he hd a gal.

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