Grey Focus: A Nigerian movie (currently showing in cinemas)

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Nigerian movies are currently taking a blossom shine at the cinemas and this new development is a great welcome to the industry. One of such movies to join the train is “GREY FOCUS” a movie produced and directed by US based Nigerian born Imeh Esen. It would be screening in all PortHarcourt, Lagos, Abuja cinemas from August 20th.

The movie stars: Yemi Blaq, Baba Dee and Curtis John Miller.


The past never dies. Akan (Curtis John Miller) finds out that one phone call is about to shatter his serene lifestyle in the United States. Suddenly the past meets the future as he has to relive the violent experiences of his Nigerian past. His membership in a brotherhood is exposed as well as the reason he joins them and the reason he might be running.
Inspired by true events, Grey Focus shocks the viewer with it’s blatant exposure of an ever increasing phenomenon in Nigerian University campuses.

Visit the website for more information.

For the trailer check out this link


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