Get the Freshly Squeezed 360 on Le’mmon & His Sweet Lemonade Vocals

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People went bonkers when we 1st asked u guys to download Le’mmon‘s ‘Luving That All‘ on August 2, 2010. The downloads went completely through the roof – over 5,000! Here’s the 360Fresh on this Artist with the lemonade voice.

Le’mmon born Osagwu Vincent is a multi talented vocalist/songwriter who began singing in his church choir at the early age of eight(8). His stage name – Le’mmon was coined from an an 11th century word for “My Beloved“. His passion for music gradually drew into mainstream performance at talent shows around the city of Lagos thus bringing him into the spotlight and making him a popular demand in recording studios and in the upcoming artiste scene.

Le’mmon continued to pursue his musical ambition by performing alongside major acts locally. He captured the audience with his warm silk voice and his excellent stage craft had the crowd and musicians applauding him. Armed with the zeal to revolutionize RnB in Nigeria and to be the best RnB act in country, he is gearing himself towards the release of his debut album titled “Lemmon’aid“.

I have a feeling this guy is gonna blow up big time if he’s on the right label. Here again is the ‘Luving That All’ cut along with a new one called ‘Have U Seen Her’. Both songs easily have that International crossover appeal.

Yup! Get Familiar!

Le’mmon – Have U Seen Her

  Le'mmon - Have U Seen Her.mp3 (3.6 MiB, 473 hits)

Le’mmon – Luvin That All

  Le'mmon - Luvin That All.mp3 (3.9 MiB, 6,830 hits)



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